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  1. I hope the middle section where the hole is will have swappable components like Danakar Endeel suggested. I am sure they will make it another sale item like the pods for the Endeavor. Hopefully options like an additional gun, shield generator, Power plant, scanner or similar. If someone suggests they can make more money by doing that I am sure it will be in the next sale.
  2. Aquarius

    RSI Orion

    I hope that does not double the amount of crew needed as well. When you look at the Connie in the last pic listed above it does seem to match the 340m number. The connie at 61m should be about 1/5 - 1/6 the length of the Orion and that does seem to match with the image. What a beast!
  3. Aquarius

    RSI Orion

    Originally the ship was listed at 170 m and now they say that it increased in size by 100% does that mean this ship is now around 340 m?
  4. Aquarius

    MISC Endeavor

    Soooooooo Excited for this ship to go on sale!!! It will be my home away from home.
  5. Must be fan made, the grammar is not correct.
  6. Actually it does come with the Aquila.
  7. Yeah first 1000 people that complete the Vanduul swarm on the new difficulty level get a badge. Then you have the option to buy the Glaive for $350. I wonder how long they will last.
  8. Unfortunately I have no access to my computer for a couple of days as I am out at a friends cabin so cannot check. Is there anyone that has seen anything official saying if the Merlin comes with the Aquila or not? Cheers.
  9. Thanks for the link @GeraldEvans. Has anyone seen anything saying that the Aquila comes with the P-52 standard or do you need to purchase it separately? I know when they sold the Aquila they said it would not come standard but I see the following advertised and would like some clarification. "Backers who own the Constellation Andromeda and the Constellation Aquila can fly their Merlins today!"
  10. I have an Orion i would bring along if we are doing a large fleet operation like this for sure Let's make us some money!!
  11. Aquarius


    Welcome bud! and another Orion... Awesome!! Looking forward to doing some mining missions with you!
  12. Aquarius

    RSI Orion

    Totes got one… Watch out anything that I can cut with those lasers!
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