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  1. SC LEGO Ideas Project

    Did a quick search and did not see any mention of this project that a friend of mine pointed me to. I'm not into Legos but this friend is big time into it. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/80111 The project needs a lot more support before Lego will consider making the custom pieces but check out that Vanduul Scythe. Looks badass! Go support it if you think it's interesting.
  2. I concur with this. My 760 is able to do hanger on high @ 1920 rez just fine. By the time the game comes out, I'll try to pick up another 760 to SLI.
  3. Stretch Goals past 23 Million?

    Has there been any info from RSI about if there will be planetary or space station fighting? Like a 3rd person FPS style to the game? Wouldn't that be cool? I'm sure there are plenty of people who will play SC who also play some FPS; I know I do a lot. So that would be an awesome addition to have a FPS part for the ones who want to do boarding ships, boarding space stations, planetary fighting.
  4. Stretch Goals past 23 Million?

    I know we have a branch for trade and industry. But it also will need to be discussed by the Combat OPs as to how to protect these stations. So there will be two discussions that will need to happen. Trade/Industry- how will we use the space station Combat OPs- how will we protect and get more stations.
  5. X:Rebirth comes out in November. You should look at the sale here ASAP! https://www.humblebundle.com/weekly
  6. Stretch Goals past 23 Million?

    So reading that $19mill goal stuff, I see one of the things unlocked is this, "Manage Space Stations – Players will compete to own and operate a limited number of space stations across the galaxy." Since we'll be one of the biggest fleets in the game, I think we need to leverage our size and manage as many as possible. We will need to come up with Space station management guidelines for members and PACT members and freelancers.
  7. I just hope the look of the ship also changes. However, I think the interior won't change? Which is lame if your ship is supposed to be a Frigate but is the size of a 4 seater.
  8. As others have mentioned, the closest thing to get a pre-fix for SC is the X series. I already have my pre-order for X:Rebirth and can't wait; even though you only get to fly 1 ship. Also, just something odd and funny. While watching the video, i forgot I had Pandora open also and it was playing my station "Boards of Canada" which is ambient music and it fit perfectly with the space themed videos. I thought the music was part of the video and was like, nice choice! haha...
  9. Interactive Star Map

    Hey Zuur, great resource so far! I know the SC universe is still in its infancy, but here are a couple maps from other games that could give you ideas of how mature worlds have been mapped; and perhaps you can build your mapping system to be as powerful. X3 (one of my favorite games) has this great map which has information on each star system: http://eng.x3tc.ru/x3_tc_map/ More cooler interactive map from GuildWar which shows terrain and resources : http://gw2cartographers.com/ I think for either you will need a SQL (MySQL, choose your poison) to house the massive amounts of data. Your web interface building knowledge is great, mine is not so much. However, if you need help with the database portion to normalize tables and such, I can help you. I see there can be different interfaces for inputting data by our Exploration team and anyone else. Maybe only exploration can add/delete/modify, everyone else in guild can add/flag something as old, etc. If we do put a lot of time into this, I definitely think it needs to be a secured site that is internal only. Again, PM me if you need help trying to take this to the next level.
  10. Star Citizen Themepack

    Nice man, thanks!
  11. Just filled out the application. Mid 30s with lots of MMO exp and love Space Sim games; Freelander and X3. Looking forward to X:Reunion in November. I think this game could be simply amazing if the vision is implemented well. I hope to join the Bounty Hunter division, make some friends and go hunting.