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  1. Our Politic is stagnating. Wonder if Merkel does another legislature after the next one. *Image removed* Violation of forum rule 1 and CoC rule 1 - Draegar
  3. YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Symphogear S4 got announced! This gonna be good!
  4. Another Win for God Emperor Trump!

  5. Naval Action is awesome!


  6. Well, have fun watching a very bad Season 2 where they rush a complete volume with best girl action in one episode and with clearly bad Dub. Holy Shit. Vomited there. If they atleast could afford Voice Actors like in Afro Samurai but no, they have to hire some Anime enthuiastic newbie VA and it sounds exactly like that. Jesus, why did I even bother to search up the First Season Dub, omg.
  7. There is no Season 2 of Log Horizon! Its better to not watch it. Also Dubs are shit.
  8. You guys ready for Attack on Titan 2.0 with Zombies? I hell am ready for this!
  9. thats the case if you choose one of the early servers. I am on one of the newer server and if it really has high traffic on weekends than I am only waiting like 30minutes. Otherwise I didn't had a que for a week now.
  10. Still haven't watched Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru? BAKA! Go and watch it immediately!
  11. 3 Episodes in, here my favourite listing so far this season (with second cour ones of last season): 1. Utawerumono - False Faces 2. Koukaku no Pandora 3. Dimension W 4. Heavy Object 5. Gundam - Hot Blooded Orphans 6. MuvLuv: Schwarzesmarken 7. Divine Gate 8. Bubuki Buranki 9. Luck & Logic 10. Active Raid 11. Grimgar 12. Bahamut 13. Phantom World
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