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  1. Supported awhile ago. Hope it gets through. Brilliant that he has instructions up, such a shame that you can't get all the bricks in the right colours.
  2. Mjaf


    Shout out to Movember! We're just over halfway through the hairy season of Movember. If anyone is unaware of what I mean when I say Movember, it's that special time of the year when men get together to raise money for Men's Health by growing some of the worlds worst moustaches. You are given just one month to grow, trim and groom your upper lip fuzz, before you head out into the streets, bars and community centres across the world to pit their efforts against others! I was wondering if any of you lovely people are also taking part in this beautiful event. Let us know how its going! Give us your MoSpace page links! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Mjaf

    Idris-P Escort

    I would think a combination of the hornets would world brilliantly. Look at the an example. 2 Super Hornets with a Tracker Hornet. Lots of firepower, with upgraded scanners. I know that this may seem to be more of a combat role, but if your wanting to trade, you got'a stop those pesky privates from stealing your sweet, sweet cargo containers
  4. Should be able to melt it down and use the credits. But remember the LTI versions will be more expensive so you will have to put a bit more cash in.
  5. I'm not convinced anyone really knows why people from Lincolnshire are called a Yellowbelly. Although it is understood why people from the Fens make excellent swimmers XD http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yellowbelly_(Lincolnshire)
  6. Another Yellowbelly! Welcome
  7. Was nice talking to you last night mate. I'll pop in again at some point
  8. I love your scientific explanation! Good Job!
  9. Just a small edit to the Moscow Concept Art. Imperium seems to be everywhere!
  10. Not sure if this has been done before, but I saw the picture, and knew exactly what i wanted to do with it. Edited from the Beijing Concept Art The idea is that its a giant holographic bill board of the Imperium Logo on top of an office block, with a large neon sign down side of the building. The version below doesn't include the Star Citizen Logo, which means that it will still look good, if its centered on someones desktop when used as a wallpaper.
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