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    Skywing got a reaction from Brightmist in F7C-M Heartseeker Variant   
    It's true that we can get all that equipment in game, the thing is, it will be the default loadout, and every time you get a new ship from insurance you will be ready to go with one of the best loadout's for SH (at the moment).
    The 15$ is the price of convenience, for not having to farm to buy the gear, and then have to equip it all the time (I know i'm lazy).
    That being said, I won't apply the CCU until we now how good it is with the new flight model.
    With the new flight model, gimbels may start to be great.
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    Skywing reacted to Chimaera in What would you do?   
    Blow it the fk up, post the video to youtube, prepare for all the salt and war! (My personal viewpoint)
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    Skywing reacted to Buckaroo in Anvil Valkyrie Dropship   
    $330 Warbond                  $375 Standalone (Credit)
    Link to Sale Page
    I want to know what the cargo capacity would be without the land vehicle.  Use this to transport people AND stuff!
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    Skywing got a reaction from Space-Moose in Imperium: AC Leader Boards   
    What loadout do you use on your hornet F7M?
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    Skywing got a reaction from Reavern in Anvil Hawk   
    Looks like a starter ship
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    Skywing got a reaction from Space-Moose in Imperium: AC Leader Boards   
    @Space-Moose i need the combat lessons, my flight capabilities are astonishing bad.

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    Skywing got a reaction from GreyFox_420 in Game Day, May 27th   
    Sorry but i think 2 caterpillars releasing swarms of dragonflies, is way cooler. 
    Bengal preparation 
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    Skywing reacted to Metternich70 in CIG's pricing practices   
    well ... this 47 y.o. kid (of course, since I'm aging, I took is as a compliment, you know ... I prefer keeping a "diplomatic" stance) is quite aware of Eu taxation law, and therefore knows that donations are not subject to VAT,  only digital sales are. This means that CIG - as far as considers all the payments for concept subject to VAT - admits that he is nolonger getting donations but selling digital goods that imply certain legal guarantees (and that BTW - in my opinion - this is the actual reason why they changed refund policies including an express disclaimer).
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    Skywing reacted to Reavern in CIG's pricing practices   
    A reasonable compromise would be to limit the number of $0 CCUs to one per ship on a backer's account. That would limit that number of $0 CCUs a backer could have, so they couldn't exploit the system, but would also ensure backers could change their ship without having to pay CIG $5.
    For example, if the Hornet F7C was the only ship and game package on my account, and when cargo hauling and trading is introduced in Alpha 3.0 (or whenever), I decide to convert my Hornet to a Freelancer instead, I should be allowed to have a Hornet-F7C-to-Freelancer-Base $0 CCU on my account, which will never expire. (At least not until the "Upgrade Deadline", which is the point during the Beta when CIG has said backers will have to apply their ship upgrades.)
    The problem seems to be that some backers have stockpiled $0 CCUs so they can swap ships on a whim. I understand that CIG wants to reduce the number of $0 CCUs in the system. I believe that reducing them to reasonable number is the fairest way to do it, rather than changing CCUs so that the cheapest will be $5, even if the ships are the same price. That just seems like a cash grab by CIG. It's bad enough that the CCU system only works for upgrading, not downgrading. That's always been a frustrating and pointless restriction. I don't understand from a technical perspective why CIG can't setup the CCU system so that if I wanted to convert my $110 Hornet F7C into a $90 Gladius, I could buy a "downgrade" for $0, and when I applied it I'd end up with a Gladius and a $20 store credit. It's not a refund, so it wouldn't cost CIG anything. I think CIG just decided not to include downgrades because they want backers to pay $$$ to upgrade their ships, not downgrade them for free.
    That said, I don't think I have any $0 CCUs on my RSI account, so this doesn't really effect me. The ship upgrades that I do own but haven't applied yet all cost $$. For example, I bought all 3 Reliant upgrades because I wasn't certain which one I wanted for my Reliant Kore. (TBH the Reliant flies like a pig and if it's not fixed, I'll melt it.)
    My concern is that CIG making CCUs cost $5 minimum, the next step will be CIG imposing a $5 fee for any ship upgrade. CIG already did something similar with the $5 Handle Change. WHY does it cost money to change your handle!? So it could happen. That's why I think backers need to stand up to CIG on this issue and there should be a compromise, which will also send CIG a message that backers aren't just going to rollover for them when CIG tries to milk more money from us.
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    Skywing reacted to KKillroyV2 in CIG's pricing practices   
    What a surprise, Juntau came in and rather than adding to the conversation called everyone an entitled kid, It's almost like listening to him on air
    Anyway, I'm fine if they do whatever they want to limit the large grey market sellers, but when CIG throw a fit over players selling their ships to other players at cost or just limit normal players' ability to change ships in response to CIG not even knowing what some ships roles will be when they are initially conceived I get salty
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    Skywing got a reaction from Gingernaut in warning on your CCUs!   
    It's bullshit, plain and simple.
    If they stopped changing ships initial design we wouldn't need to change ships every 2 months.
    Went to the store and got a bunch of CCU, just because i still can, even for shit that i don't have, nor intention to.
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    Skywing reacted to Victor Vector in TrackIR functionality returning to THE GAME is 2.6.2   
    My Mk2 Track Hat.
    Stuff needed:
    1: Originally I used Freetrack Software. Note: This is no longer supported and does not work natively with Star Citizen. However the Open track software works just fine. Download the latest version here: https://github.com/opentrack/opentrack/releases
    2: MS vx1000 webcam, or any webcam with an easily removed IR fliter. Check Freetrack website for compatible cameras. There will be better hardware available since I originally wrote this. Wii controllers for example, or simply better cameras.
    3: Old floppy disk from obsolete junk bin. C'mon, everyone has one - an obsolete junk bin that is .
    4: Baseball cap.
    Y'know, that old ragged in one at the bottom of the wardrobe that you never quite got around to throwing out and the wife/gf didn't find on her old clothes sweep ("You're not still wearing that old thing are you?") .
    5: IRE's (Infra Red Emitters) They are not LED's. Well, semantics maybe, but they MUST be OSRAM SFH485P or equivalent for best results. They are available at http://www.digikey.com. However, that option was no good for me as the postage rate far outstripped the component value. Here in the UK I got mine from http://uk.farnell.com/
    Actually I phoned to confirm they had them as they had two conflicting web pages on the subject. One said they had them and the other said they were discontinued. I'm glad I phoned. The very nice lady who answered kindly sent me a sample package free of charge containing 10 of the things. Can't say fairer than that.
    6: Power supply.
    There are two ways to go here - Battery or mains power adapter. I didn't want the weight and inconvenience of a battery attached to the hat or elsewhere for that matter, so I went the Adapter route with a 300 Milliamp power adapter.
    My adapter is switchable between 0, 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5, 9 and 12volts. Get a decent one. Some of these things have very bad reviews. The one I have seems to be of a good quality but was still only £7.
    Note: Test the output on these adapters with a multimeter. Some of them like mine are not too accurate. I first set mine to the required 4.5 volts and the actual output was way over that so I tried the 3.0 volt setting which came out at just under 4.5v. which is fine. Each emitter is 1.5volts which is where the total 4.5 volts comes from.
    The best thing about using an adapter is that firstly, you don't have to worry about a battery pack, and secondly you don't have to use resistors making construction a lot simpler.
    7: Wire.
    My first thought was some wire from an old PSU but I didn't want dirty great thick wire like that in my hat. First it would be uncomfortable, second, it would be hard to solder to a delicate IR emitter leg and third, it would look bloody awful. I found an old IDE ribbon cable in my box of junk. Ideal, it's nice and thin and there's plenty strands to be stripped apart.
    8: Soldering iron etc.
    Here's how it went:
    I already had the latest Freetrack software (now using Opentrack) installed and I managed to locate an old Microsoft VX1000 webcam in my "bits and pieces" box.
    The cameras IR filter needs to be removed otherwise the device won't work. There is one small screw holding the camera casing together. I removed that and prised the casing apart quite easily. The lens unscrews from the body and there is a small IR filter placed at the back. This can be gently prised out with a small screwdriver. Obviously I can't comment on other cameras and this is just for the VX1000. So, modify your cameras at your own risk.
    This done, I found an old floppy disk and destroyed/dismantled it. I stuck a piece of the floppy disk material on the inside of the front part of the casing to block out ambient light. That's the webcam sorted. I replaced the lens and reassembled the camera. That's the webcam sorted.
    Now to build the hat.
    Wearing a hat in the house is bad enough, so I didn't want to use wire coat hangers, plastic tubing or any other Heath Robinson contraptions for the three point model making me look like the Borg. I may act like a bit of an idiot sometimes, but I decided to mount the IRE's directly to the hat in an attempt to avoid actually looking like one.
    The above statement is purely my opinion and matters not one jot. How you elect to build your device is entirely your prerogative.
    For the actual construction and wiring, simply link all the positive emitter legs together, do the same for the negative and then connect to the pos and neg terminals on the jack socket. Done.there are plenty of you tube videos to help on that and you can still obtain the Freetrack manual from the website.
    Now the first one I made sort of worked, erratically. This was the Mk1, in case you were wondering. I made the cardinal error of rushing the construction in my enthusiasm. It is very important to get the dimensions of the model right and enter those dimensions into the freetrack/Opentrack software's model tab.
    The crucial thing is that the vertical height from the two front IRE's must not be greater than the horizontal dimension from the two front IRE's to the raised third one. If this is not right you will get some interesting results. So take your time and get the measurements spot on. It will pay dividends later.
    I decide to do the MkII hat more accurately and use a measuring device. With the IRE's repositioned and hooked up to a 3.5mm jack socket at the back of the hat, it's time to to test it. The emitters don't fry themselves (neither does yours truly) and it all seems to work just fine. Once everything was tested and working  I secured the IRE's in place with a spot of hot glue.
    Here are the model dimensions that worked for me:

    Here's the measuring device. Well, what did you expect? A laser measure?

    Here's the source of the wire I used.

    Here's the power supply.

    Here's the Hat MkII


    Not too bad and works great.
    Final Note:
    Remember that because my power supply happens to switch to 4.5 volts (the same combined voltage of the three IRE's), I didn't need any resistors. However, if you use a more common 6v power supply together with the three OSRAM SFH485P emitters wired in series, you will need to wire in a single 15 ohm resistor between the power supply on the positive side and the first IR Emitter. This will knock the voltage down to 4.5.
    After some adjustments in the freetrack software itself it works beautifully. Easily as good as Track IR4. I can't comment on TIR 5 (£150) as I haven't used it but I can't see it being much better if at all.
    There you have it. 6Dof from some junk, a cheap webcam and a switchable power supply. Total cost if I recall correctly was somewhere around £12.
    Victor's track hat works beautifully. Victor has saved himself around £140 (probably more by now). Victor is pleased.
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    Skywing reacted to Space-Moose in Imperium: AC Leader Boards   
    If anyone wants to do some free fly with me, shoot me a message on RSI or SCbase.
    I'll work out a time for us to get on coms and run through some fits and tactics.
    I'm all about getting more Imperium pilots on the first pages.
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    Skywing got a reaction from KKillroyV2 in Game Day, April 22nd   
    Hi, i had a blast last time and i'll try to join you guys again
    I don't stream often, and the few times i did was to show games to friends that didn't had them and were thinking of buying them.
    I always have a problem with sound looping, and since it wasn't important i muted the game sound and ts.
    Is there a guide to configure OBS sound to stream properly, i'd like to contribute for gameday stream.
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    Skywing reacted to Rocket Man in Players as Alien Races   
    Straight up, I am not a fan of the player-base being able to play as a member of an alien race.  Here's why:
    (1) It takes away the fidelity of being human.  Our thought processes should not be the same as the aliens.
    (2) It takes away from the aliens being alien.  It means something to learn their languages (vocal and body language).
    (3) As an alien member, it is to be implied the player acts and behaves along the line of the race's governance, behavior, and history.  This "ruins" some of the mystery behind the other races and what their role is in the PU. 
    There are more to list, but they do not seem as high-level.
    As an example, playing as a Vanduul, I am supposed to know why I am attacking and killing humans, military or civilian.  But isn't the mystery behind the Vanduul supposed to be a mystery?
    Another example is the Xi'An.  We know they have a plan, but what is it?  Rumors are that the Xi'an want Terra to separate from Sol.  Similarly, there is a fifth (sixth if you still count Tevarin) race hidden on the other side of the Xi'An empire that UEE reports to be a constant war.  Playing as a member of the Xi'an, wouldn't I know about this and act accordingly?
    I could go on, but I prefer not to, because I want to hear others' thoughts on this.  Hopefully, someone can enlighten me why I would want to play as a Banu flying the 'Verse in my Banu Merchantman.  Or play as a Xi'An and carry political prominence in the Human Sector.
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    Skywing got a reaction from Ostia in Game Day - Febuary 25th 2017   
    Don't know if it is possible, but since the forum has a calendar, is it possible to add those kind of events to it for all members?
    I normally forget the game day dates, and if it would send a reminder the day before it, or when it starts, it would be even better.
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    Skywing got a reaction from Fizzlefuse in RIP Carrie Fisher. ENOUGH 2016.   
    There are only four days left in 2016, and the way thing are going, no celebrity is safe, it's like a inverted russian roulette, 5 bullets 1 empty chamber.
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    Skywing got a reaction from KKillroyV2 in Wanting to Upgrade my PC   
    An SSD is a Cheap component that can influence greatly the performance of a PC, if everything else is too expensive get an SSD.
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    Skywing got a reaction from rimmer59 in Wanting to Upgrade my PC   
    An SSD is a Cheap component that can influence greatly the performance of a PC, if everything else is too expensive get an SSD.
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    Skywing got a reaction from Furbsta in Package Upgrade insurance   
    Since you already have that package with squadron 42 and persistent universe it's better not to melt that one, since, the hoplite is a stand alone ship if you melt that package for the hoplite you wont be able to play aither single player or multiplayer.
    In my opinion the cheapest option to get the game and LTI hoplite and be able to use it is to buy a aurora package with squadron 42 and PTU, and buy the LTI hoplite.
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    Skywing got a reaction from Furbsta in Package Upgrade insurance   
    I don't like the vanguard too much, i think it's a slow ship, and with the new flight model probably even more.
    If you like the vanguard it's your best is not last chance to get one with LTI.
    I do believe that there will be other fighting ships in the future and cheaper than the vanguard, and the you can get the aurora package to get the full game and the new ship to get a fighter with LTI.
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    Skywing reacted to J. Coren in ATV - 2.6 New Flight Mechanics   
    From everything we've seen in ATVs and during the Anniversary Livestream, I don't like the way the changes look!
    Bringing combat closer and making it slower will turn fights into a contest to see who can bring the biggest guns. Lighter ships like the Gladius won't have the maneuverability advantage they used to hold over larger ships, and will end up being outclassed by bigger ships like the Vanguard (or the Freelancer, fuck forbid). Now their only advantage is boost speed and acceleration, probably to make running with you tail between your legs easier!
    Let's not forget one of the biggest changes to the flight model:
    "I know there's been some concern with Cruise Mode going away..." - Sean Tracy at 33:15

    NO! Fuck right the hell off! Not only are you slowing everything down, but you're taking away Cruise Mode? How will we cover the massive distances that some Quantum Drive warp points dump you out at away from objectives like in the ICC Missions? We'll now cover that with what is basically a ship sprint meter that will still trickle down despite the ship already moving at its top speed IN SPACE! How do you expect such a system to work when we have an entire system to fly in and planets with thousands of kilometers of surface area to traverse? Yes, people would turn dogfights into Cruise jousting sessions, but that could be fixed by increasing the time it takes to get up to cruise speed without removing an important option for travel in Universe.
    These changes seem to have been made with the whiny contingent of losers in Arena Commander in mind and the rest of us get fed fish heads! Thank fuck Star Marine is at least being added in, because by the looks of it Arena Commander is going to suck until the model changes again!
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    Skywing reacted to Pagan_X2 in 16 Imperium Members Assault Kareah! (Epic 21-Man Dogfight)   
    Imperium hosted its monthly game night on Saturday the 22nd, and after the final Custom Scenario event we decided to assault Kareah. We were being egged on by four or five guys who described themselves as being a "scratch group of players from Operation Pitchfork from various orgs." We accepted their challenge and zerged them! 
    Forgive my lackadaisical flying: I'd been flying off and on for the better part of 11 hours as part of the event.
    We don't know this for certain, but this may have been the largest dogfight in the Crusader module to date. Enjoy the chaos!
    Imperium members who took part in the assault:
    Upvote on RSI, too: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/community/citizen-spotlight/6254-NSFW-16-Imperium-Members-Assault-Kareah-Epic-21-Man-Dogfight
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    Skywing reacted to WarWulf in Logitech Acquires Saitek   
    CIG isn't a dumb company. The long game they've been playing and the investments they've made in new technologies have convinced me of that. 
    But more than anything, they are a company. This means:
    Branding comes with requirements Prices must be agreed upon Quality of branded products must be monitored Any use of CIG, Star Citizen or any of their associated brands reflects on the image of the company. I don't know this for certain, but I'll be very surprised if someone was to tell me that this wasn't the case. I expect Saiteks agreements with the simulator games companies made it an attractive prospect. The association with Mad-Catz was hurting the brand and Mad-Catz re-structuring in order to make their manufacturing and design more cost-effective would have placed further restrictions on Saitek. The problem wasn't with the profit Mad-Catz was making, it was a conflicting business model that wouldn't fly in the hardcore sim crowd that Saitek market to (Link here).
    Logitechs acquisition of Saitek is a very loud announcement about an upcoming focus on the PC peripheral crowd, and possibly a reaction to a vocal demand for more interfaces for the PC gaming market. As PC enthusiasts no doubt we're all aware of the recent resurgeance of these devices, ranging from the very popular VR devices, to keyboards designed with analogue keys, to mice designed to work in three dimensions. And of course the "Sim-Pit". In much the way that a Titan X isn't designed (or priced) for the main consumer, many of these peripherals aren't designed for most gamers and there will always be a base level of interface for all PC gamers. However, there has been seen to be a number of people who want more from their computer experience and those people have been prepared to "vote with their wallets" meaning that there is a demand for this supply.
    To quote Ujesh Desai, Vice-President and General Manager of gaming at Logitech:
    (Link Here)
    This is a clear statement and nothing more really needs to be added. But basically he's saying that they've got some decent kit, and they're looking to expand on that. Driving Sim-Gamers already rate the Saitek peripherals and they've maximised on branding in the past. Saiteks experience and market placement along with brand agreements works well with their own business model, far better than it did with Mad-Catz. 
    The questions that rename will be:
    How much will they invest in product development under the Saitek brand? Will they update the QA and testing system to increase product reliability? Will they retain the current employees/manufacturing facilities or will they use their own infrastructure and "Stick a Saitek sticker on it" Will there be a refresh of the Saitek product range? The statement basically says that they're going to continue with the existing Saitek products. This doesn't confirm or deny any theory about updating or improving build quality of existing product lines. However, as with any new management, they will be looking at the manufacturing and design process and making changes. Will this mean a re-vamp of products under development? No statements have been made at this VERY early stage of the acquisition.
    If I was a gambling man I would put my money on them seeking to revitalise and improve the Saitek brand. They'll be looking to get maximum return from their investment, and the way to do that is to ensure that they become a widespread name. I anticipate two streams of Saitek products: entry-level and higher tier.
    The entry level will be important to spread the marketability of Saitek as widely as possible. Basic level equipment designed to be simple, cheap but reliable. Products like the Logitech 3D Pro (Link Here) and will be aimed to be the stable base of Saiteks profitability through a steady flow of income from the average gamer.
    The higher tier will be important to seperate the Saitek brand from Logitechs own: creating higher priced luxury items aiming to raise the Saitek brand prestige. By having a dedicated simulation-peripheral brand this is inferred to be a stated goal. They have an opportunity to not only acquire the existing products, but have a product line under their umbrella that is considered seperate from their own. This may end up with products like the ThrustMaster WartHog (Link Here), a market that Logitech have tried to penetrate in the past, but with very limited success judging by the G940 (Link Here).
    This will be an interesting 6 months to watch the development of Saitek. I wouldn't expect much action in the first quarter of the acquisition, however the second quarter should start to show the route that Saitek will take in the future.
    This is a critical time for the Star Citizen HOTAS as a significant amount of development has already been made, so there may be a desire to release it "as is" with minimal further development. However this could also be the first significant product to be released after the acquisition and there will be the eyes of investors looking to see what this product signifies for the companies future. Not to forget that part of the acquisition will be the agreements that are held, which will set the standard that companies will expect from Saitek with any future agreements. So with this in mind, this could well be a "flagship" product. We'll have to wait and see how this develops. But I remain cautiously optimistic that there will be significant investment into this product.
    Every day, in every way, it becomes a more interesting time to be a Star Citizen.
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    Skywing got a reaction from WarWulf in Logitech Acquires Saitek   
    I also have and use currently the Wingman Extreme Pro, it has 7 years, and it's pretty good.
    Just think logitech will take advantage of the fuss about star citizen, if they are smart (and they are) they can see the community is willing to spend money on the game, and abuse it.
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