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  1. Well hello there, I have returned from a deep slumber as the module releases come closer and closer, I used lurk the forums and be semi-active during the conceptual stages and rebranded myself from the stupid handle of Admiral (yeah I know) to Partitional (more of a placeholder name) and now finally to Liquidus. I'm just making this introduction to ask what is new and what incredibly important information I have missed out on while going dark as well as just saying hello to those of you I haven't had the pleasure of meeting. Thanks for reading, you could see me around more often.
  2. I'm currently using a GTX 670, but before the launch I'm hoping to muster enough money to get a GTX 780. Right now we have no definitive answer to system requirements (that I know of), so you should hold out possibly until we have a better idea.
  3. The design of the website is definitely better than the old website, however the functionality and usability are quite poorly thought out. All they need to do is fix the forum systems and the website should be a lot more streamlined as well as looking as good as right now.
  4. Welcome to the forum, hopefully you'll like what we have to offer.
  5. That's some light headwear right there.
  6. Well welcome to the forums and I hope your first experience with the Space Sim genre will be an epic one.
  7. I hope to see you in the fleet once the game launches. Have fun!
  8. Picard in terms of commanding a ship, Kirk in terms of how much pussy he gets.
  9. Liquidus


    Yeah Peter Jackson wants to add some of the Short Stories set in Middle Earth also written by Tolkien.
  10. Liquidus


    Hopefully Benedict Cumberbatch can pull off a mean Khan because it's certainly looking as if he will be playing the infamous character.
  11. I can't imagine how amazing it would be to have mounted on a wall.
  12. You Americans and your Turkey Day.
  13. Patrick Stewart would be amazing. Nuff said.
  14. Liquidus


    Hey guys I'm back! I haven't been on in a couple of weeks due to being on holiday, I'm now back and will be again active on the forums and fleet discussion. I came back to see that we hit the Infinity and Beyond! stretch goal, which is awesome. So yeah just letting everyone know about the return. By the way it was a coincidence that this is my 100th post.
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