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  1. You're kidding, right? I'm a born Hesse and an accustomed "Niedersachse" (living all my school-years near Hannover) Seems like we switched places... Na dann danke und guten Abend (tschüss)! Thanks to all the others for the great and plentiful welcomes!
  2. Thanks! I will definitively check out all divisions @Cyb: Hm - hab ich Hamburger beleidigt? Wir Niedersachsen sind eigen was unsere Floskeln angeht...
  3. Hello fellow citizen! After searching the forums for a fitting fleet & community, I stumbled upon Imperium / Starcitizenbase and now I'm here Basics: 22 years old, located in Germany, student I'm a golden-ticket, Aurora LX and Rear-Admiral-package owner. Furthermore I'm crazy about space, SciFi and nearly everything related (am even studying aerospace + computer-sciences/-technology). After hearing about Star Citizen I'm in love with the whole project/game (like some of you I think ) and I want to support this community to bring the best SciFi experience to the final game for me and other people. I'm not really sure yet which division in Imperium Fleet I'll want to be part off (interested in each), but rest assured I'll strive for perfection in my field =) I have the discipline for every fleet task (was a member of a "M&B-Warband: Napoleonic Wars"& EvE-team), am always on time and if desired I could lead little squads to victory with my Connie/other ships (whatever the mission) Looking forward to be in 'null-sec' running a base with you guys and having the time of our lifes Greetings and fly safe, Dekay
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