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Status Updates posted by Chimaera

  1. Just learned today that former member and good friend of Imperium @Trak IRL Steve Snyder passed away on Saturday, April 6th. He was a great guy, and good friend to all Imperium members he came across. He was a fixture with Imperium members at each US Citizencon, and was a recently-retired Fire Captain with Orange County. He will be missed by all who knew him. 

  2. I know the name of my Connie.  I hope they let us upload stuff for nose-art, because this would be mine:

  3. Good luck to all my fellow Americans of all stripes tomorrow. Don't forget to vote!

    1. danredda


      The fuckery going on in Florida, Arizona, and Montana is disgusting. And I'm not even an American.

    2. Chimaera


      Yep. Makes you wonder about parties that claim total transparency for their platform while magically coming up with enough votes (in districts run by known party hacks) to "win".

  4. Almost at the $200m mark, people! Amazing to be on such an awesome journey with you all. :D

  5. Any IMPs from/around Stuttgart?

    1. CaptainCypher


      Not sure if this helps much this much later, but there's a whole Bar Citizen Germany Discord channel which is sometimes handy. (Looks like huge fun there too.)

  6. Sorry I've not been as active, folks. I'm taking care of my wife and unborn baby girl. ;) Will check in and play when I can! :D 

    1. Nord


      Amen brother. Life changes fast, I remember joining here the first weeks after our firstborn (he's almost 5 now) and last year we got another boy. Man, finding time to everything is mastery. But hopefully the kids are crewing our ships when SC is released. Take care!

  7. Option 1: Rift VR

    Option 2: GTX 1080

    Option 3: GTX 1070 TI

    Currently own: GTX 1070 Titanium (MSI)

    Appreciate any input/thoughts. :)

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    2. GeraldEvans



      Extra songs at beatsaver.com

    3. Chimaera
    4. GeraldEvans


      Enjoy!  If I get my computer working again we can do From Other Suns, etc.  I really want to play that with someone.  It's a standing team based campaign FPS.

  8. Vive versus Rift. I'm leaning Rift. Thoughts?

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    2. rimmer59


      If you want to get into VR; RIFT has the better controllers and a cheaper price but the VIVE has better out-of-box tracking and a better software experience (Oculus Home can be annoying to deal with).  After having the RIFT I would trade to a VIVE only for the better leg trackers.  For a game other than VRChat (the trackers) I would stay RIFT.  Buy a 3rd sensor for the RIFT though if you want good tracking.

    3. Scotterius


      Vive, has a second generation one now and being able to walk around in your room in VR was hard to beat...but it was a a very brief fling. A brief expensive fling. I fear that the gen one vive and rift will disappoint you. I found wide resolution gaming a more pleasurable experience. I gave my vive away... and would say away from all generation 1 VR.

    4. GeraldEvans


      I have a Rift with four tracking cameras. I can walk around a space ten feet by ten feet in comfort with accurate tracking.  It's cheaper, and the controllers keep hands in a comfortable neutral position, while the capacitive buttons / rests identify finger position.

      While I would like something with trackers like the Vive, and with a higher res like the Vive pro, I can't see spending the $900 lowest level price of entry for them.  For this generation (the Vive Pro being part of Gen 1) I think the Rift kills it.

      Gen 2 should have a wider FoV, higher res, foveated rendering (which means internal eye tracking and focusing), and pass through / AR support for navigating the room or allowing typing.

      They're both working on things like this, but no one has them all out yet in one device.  So, in the meantime, I'd say enjoy the Rift.

  9. So I had a rare form of lipoma (fatty tumor) removed from my leg on the 23rd of last month, called an angiolipoma. I am now fighting an infection because the doctor didn't know it was an angiolipoma and didn't catch that she was cutting out a tumor with an active blood supply and capillary system. Yay for rare tumors! Oh and leg infections. Yummy.

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    2. Sidhe Drac Mac Gillean

      Sidhe Drac Mac Gillean

      In later news, a recent rash of knocked down buildings seems to be related to advancements in bionic prosthetics. More at 11.

    3. Gallitin


      Damn dude that sucks, get better!

    4. GeraldEvans


      Sorry to hear about it @Chimaera!  I hope you recover speedily, or at least get your awesome building-destroying replacement leg.

  10. Congrats to Admiral Bishop for winning an Oscar!

    1. Arcanus


      Have you noticed the close parallels between the speech that Winston Churchill famously gave before British Parliament (and given by Gary Oldman in the movie), and the speech that Gary Oldman gave as Admiral Bishop before the UEE Senate?

  11. That moment when you're trying to figure out how to justify purchasing the Pioneer, but still look at the 1080ti as "too damn pricey"...

    1. Arcanus


      For me it's a new laptop vs. the Pioneer...  Admittedly a good gaming laptop will cost a lot more than the Pioneer, but I still feel your pain.

  12. Surviving Mars is coming soon! Shameless plug for my colonist code. :)


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    2. LowZone


      Thanks for letting us know about this game on TS last year. Prepurchased at the first opportunity and have been playing it since its release last week and have not been disappointed!

    3. Chimaera


      It's really a great game. :D The music is wonderful, too! 

    4. Fintz


      I am accepting the thanks in place of chimaera :P

  13. How did I miss the Hoplite being up!??!

    1. Rellim


      Don't ask me :P It's even flyable right away

    2. Chimaera


      Wow. And it's cheaper than the base Vanguard, so I can't CCU... CURSE YOU CIG!

  14. I really hate spammers...

    1. GeraldEvans


      It was taken care of soon enough though.

    2. Rain2reign


      Spam? Spammers? you mean people who eat this?


    3. GeraldEvans


      Bloody Vikings.

  15. Writing up my own synopsis/article of CitCon right now. Be watching for it if you want a fair take on the whole deal!

    1. DirtDiver2Nine


      great read. extremely well written!   

  16. That moment when you're called an "A-hole" by a Ranger who was smacked by DDs...when you'd been telling him from the beginning he needed to move because he was going to get caught by DDs. Oh WoWS, you never cease to be predictable.

    1. Zepheris


      A stationary carrier is a dead carrier.

    2. Devil Khan

      Devil Khan

      Only good enemy carrier, is an AFK carrier :)

  17. Just back from Macau, where my wife and I blew some dough at casinos, and then watched the Warcraft movie. I LOVED it, and think the reviewers who ragged on it need to chillax. 4/5 you don't know much about Warcraft, 4.5/5 if you do.

    1. Lakota


      I can say the movie made me want to pop my WoW cherry.


      Solid 5/7 f or the movie :)

    2. Chimaera


      Don't do that...it will make you feel like a virgin who had sex with a worn-out hag and found that it wasn't all that the porn made you think it would be. Read the novels? Sure. Play Warcraft II or III? Definitely. Play WoW in its current shitty form? Fuck no. Find a private server if you can and go for Vanilla or BC... BUT if WoW began offering servers of older game versions (ie Vanilla, BC, or Wrath) then by all means...

  18. Goodbye Grandmother...

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    2. Nazerath


      Sorry to hear that man, let me know if you need anything. You know how to get in touch with me.

    3. Sidhe Drac Mac Gillean

      Sidhe Drac Mac Gillean

      That sucks dude, I've an ear and time if you've a story


    4. SkyLordOwen


      Sorry to hear. Hope you are ok

  19. Dear Teamspeak iOS.

    Die in a fire.

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    2. CheeseNorris


      Is this your first status update?


    3. GeraldEvans


      It can't possibly be worse than the Android version, can it?

    4. Zepheris


      Is this why you accidently PERMA BANNED me from your iPhone

  20. Happy Birthday buddy!!!!

    1. Switch


      Well shit you're right it's 2 AM in Germany... Damn Time zones.

  21. Said this on Facebook, but happy birthday (late)!

  22. Goodbye...Gruber...Goodbye...Snape...Goodbye Alan Rickman...David Bowie didn't hit me much, but this one hit me hard. RIP Alan Rickman.

    1. Ostia


      Fuck cancer. RIP Alan Rickman.

  23. Bombs and gunfire in Jakarta. Hope our Indonesian members are okay.

  24. Rumors of my death were greatly exaggerated. My lungs hate me tho. 

    1. Rain2reign


      Who's to tell us, that you aren't the real Chimaera? Is this Ostia?

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