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  1. Minecraft Environmentalists

    It's just awesome that only real life is filed with these guys.
  2. Wing Commander I Meets Star Citizen

    It's hilarious how it fits!
  3. 2 million reached!

    It'll reach the scretch goals, all of them. It just "must".
  4. MrRstar checking in

    Feel welcome Mrstar! You're in friendly space now. If you are a Fleet-like member, please apply to the Star Citizen first fleet! (Just look down on Forums and you'll see.)
  5. Ships in the "Pledges"

    I want to see the MISC Freelancer. :3
  6. Oculus Rift Support

    I'm a costumer/developer who'll get the Rift early prototype on January, so exciting. haha
  7. We're Back

    Good to see that everything is under development, including the forums! We really appreciate.
  8. Stretch Goals

    I think this all before 30 days, but I'm not worried. The game on Kickstarter who raised way less on the beggining reach'd 2.1m easily. I am supposed that we will reach 4m min and 6m max.
  9. Full Cinematic Trailer

    I wish it had pewpew sounds and stuff, but still, brilliant.
  10. Entering the Net

    I appreciate your help for this game.
  11. Subspace/Continuum

    Never heard of it. How does it work basically?
  12. It isn't that hard, anyone with enough money can get one. But it's stupid. Since they're very weak alone and everyone wants to kill a carrier.
  13. Checking In

    Hey space-mate! Welcome aboard and fly safe.
  14. So it should be a trusthworthy guy, a fleet commander for example. I am just figuring out that everyone will want to have Carriers, everywhere.