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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. After watching gamescon, is anyone questioning what happened to Illfonic? Or did I miss something?

    1. Chimaera


      They basically did a sub-par job, then weren't renewed so they went and tried to make their own game.

    2. Minted


      Yeh well when you have a bunch of Crytek guys join you in Germany you don't really need a 3rd party company doing your FPS stuff.

    3. Ywaik


      Thanks for the heads up, I kinda felt the same way when SM was pushed so many times, and I figured the same way as @Minted after they gained so many Crytek veterans. Cheers peeps!

  3. Ywaik

    Pokemon GO!

    In China forget about it, I guess for now lol
  4. Was hopeful to play pokemon go in China, but that's a no go :(

    1. Ywaik


      Still nothing, but HK had it recently released. I'm a sad panda :P

  5. Ywaik

    Drake - Dragonfly

    I like this ship/motorcycle, but I keep thinking it's always obtainable when game launches lol. Fair price and I would love to see those add-ons @Voa
  6. Thank's I was able to find it. Kinda hard to read, same with the keybinding options lol
  7. This patch looks fun. however I loaded into a selfland hangar. How to i go back to my asteroid hangar? lol
  8. It's hard enough to use my Chinese net on a regular basis, very regulated and the connection isn't that great. However using a vpn allows me to do some gaming with longer play times and social media that's usually blocked lol.
  9. Not really overseas if you live in Houston
  10. Everything is made in China. I have a sweat shop few blocks from my apartment. The conditions are not stellar, so don't expect a new product to be stellar unless the partnership has developed some good guanxi (relationship). Perhaps if these physical items are not up to par with the RSI community, somebody better get down there and start taking some factory bosses out to dinner lol. I would like to go visit this factory for myself someday, believe it's in Guangzhou?
  11. Happy new year from China! Bit early, but ill be drunk at the bar come 12 lol

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