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  1. watching Live now... whats the deal whit the lamp? lol
  2. Did a little recording today when I went in and check on my beads. Curious, take a look for yourself. I was talking in the mic but turned out that the mic was turned off *DOOH* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3TjXzb7CI0
  3. Så där, nu har man fixat TS och Sq i WT (:
  4. Körde lite War thunder igår, Steam finns adda bimboankan om du känner för det. TS kan jag fixa nu. (:
  5. Där har man bott et litet tag med farsan. roligt att det finns svenskar här. (: And ty all for the welcome.
  6. Hello all SpaceMonkeys!! My name is m00nslayer and i'm from Sweden. I can't wait to play this game, my dad and brother talk me over to buy this game, and here i am (: btw IRL i called Andreas and i'm 25 years old in a few weeks so i expect a big cake! :peac out:
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