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  1. Thanks dude and will do, incase you or anyone else who reads this want's to add me and fly sometime, feel free to add me same user name as this site "DePlacido"
  2. Hey guys just didn't know where to post this and i've been "offline" for years, just dropped in to say hi, hope yall are good and yea! keep having fun
  3. I am so confused, what did I watch? oO Leaders, please...help D:
  4. DePlacido


    As much as the Mustang looks cooler than the Aurora don't count out the Aurora. It'll be more durable than the Mustang and has a missile rack Looks aint everything
  5. DePlacido


    You and me both >.<
  6. The Eclipse Squadron will commandeer these ships for the good of the Imperium
  7. If I had were a guessing man I'd say late 2014 but with the design philosophy behind SC it could be any time. I'd rather them do what they did with dogfighting and delay it rather than just release something that would make alot of users be like ew this isn't ready so the game itself must be bad cos god knows there are plenty of people out there who do that already and it's technically not in alpha xD
  8. DePlacido


    I don't know whether to cuddle them or burn them with fire
  9. Welcome to the base friend I still play SWTOR a little bit bored since everyone I know stopped playing xD
  10. Hello and welcome from Leeds
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