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  1. hey guys, please see the link below to a space MMORPG i've been playing on and off for a few years, its extremely addictive, we just lack community as it was a revived project and only few guys still play. http://hostilespace.co.uk/forum/misc.php?hsr=download Hostile Space is a massively multiplayer online role playing game that takes place in a vast persistent galaxy. Players take on the role of a starship captain facing the growing threat of the Brood, to explore planets, mine for resources, take on bounties, smuggle goods, and fighting aggressive alien creatures. Rewards include
  2. it sucks to be poor, can't take advantage of these sales.. meh!
  3. great minds think alike, See i would do that with my 300i, but i just don't think going to jail for cracking a window would be worth it
  4. Take a idris with lti, and 9/11 into a station... GG
  5. thanks for the link! ! seems i will still wait awhile until i decide on my next GPU
  6. my friends suck, they don't like space games, or sci fi/ bleh!
  7. I was debating that option at worst case scenario, rather a game, than no game imo, but i know what you mean.. The games that have been comming out have been extremely wank as of late, all graphics, no gameplay, no originality Sent from my SM-P605 using Tapatalk
  8. i really hope that everything i have been reading is a bunch of hate talk, perhaps CIG would have to get support from publishers in future if they run short on cash, i think the best thing for them to do is, keep marketing, keep on bringing out sales, keep creating new ships and new things for people to want to buy..?
  9. Dont think its anything to worry about just yet! Worry if chris roberts decides to leave the project Sent from my SM-P605 using Tapatalk
  10. Thankyou will give it a go now *loading* !
  11. Hey guys, so i just managed to get 1.1.5, then 1.1.6 came out shortly after, i am still busy downloading 1.1.6 , but while i wait for the download i am playing some vanduul swarm in 1.1.5, but i cant seem to find how to free look in this version? could someone please tell me the keys to this option? iv looked everywhere and i cant find anything. So far i am using Insert to change camera views and Page up to swing the ship around a fixed camera point. but so far no free look. Thanks
  12. these guys remind me of the Formics from enders game, come look for war with humans, and will smith will kick their ass!
  13. have faith in the all mighty chris roberts and his team ! this game is going to happen, why? you my ask.. because WE the CROWD will make it happen
  14. Welcome to the base and welcome to the imperium
  15. @Vyychnyr Welcome to the Base and welcome to the Imperium
  16. @Automated Welcome to the base and welcome to the Imperium
  17. @VelvetSilk Welcome to the base and welcome to the Imperium
  18. @EremiticWolf Welcome to the Base, and welcome to the Imperium
  19. Bad nvidia! Sent from my SM-P605 using Tapatalk
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