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  1. Hi guys, Wanna sell those ships, single : Polaris LTI package 650$ Orion LTI 500$ Merchantman LTI 300$ Starfarer LTI 400$ Dragonfly Anniversary 50$
  2. Forsaken


    Hey thanks me too i'm very proud of it thanks the team !! Youre sig is nice too ;D Hum are you original or veteran backer? I will seek someone to trade for an Lti package !!
  3. Forsaken


    Hello there:) I have a question about the hornet new package ;; Does somebody see if the Superhornet Weekend Warrior package comes with LTI or only without LTI for everybody?
  4. Salut et bienvenue ici !!;;
  5. Forsaken

    Hey all!

    Hej Hej Nice to meet you
  6. Thank's no just had a little bit money and buy it
  7. Forsaken


    Yes, idk if you remember me
  8. Forsaken


    Salut Ozzef Content de te retrouver! Nice to see ya here
  9. Thank you! NIce to meet kind people ^^
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