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    Star Citizen, to be a part of a myghti empire,mining precious minerals, hunting pirates! Space battles!

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  1. Totaly agree whit your words @Xeen I think that Orion is and still will be a very important specialized ship into the PU. Also I hope you people now understands me whay I was so hyped about mining and Orion mining ship!
  2. .... by the looks of that solar panels! I dont know abouth you people of the verse but Iam not to much impresed by the looks of that space station, I mean all that solar panels are uneeded and will make a jam-up around the station. Whay CIG copy-paste the 20/21 century design ,Star citizen is after all 900 years in the future, I know that many players expecting much more "sci-fi' look and feal of SC so whay they not make something similar to this: Or like this: I think that CIG can make us a lot better spacestations but also ships (dont take me
  3. Titan Armour you say!! Hmmmm, this gona be good I already imagining something mean, big and designed for grinding enemys whit shear power!
  4. My condolences to all who lost theyr loved ones. And to people who are wondering whay all that hapened ,the answer is actualy very simple, "they" who aranged all that chaos want to gain power true terror and chaos and murdering anyone in theyr path! Mark my words , this is just a begining!
  5. Iam all for partying all night long (sometimes) in some Imperium Yaht but abouth drugs , ughh you better not aprouch to me whit that narcotics stuffy-staff, I will make a target practice from ya all But now seriously, Iam against drug smugling and abowe all, I will not tolerate slavery! Iam a person who strongly live by his priciples and higher ideology based on honor. (Iam fully awere that some of you are thinking that Iam some nutjob but I dont care).
  6. Ahh, the Infinity.... Back in the time when they preaching that huge universe, the galaxy filed whit many many solar systems I was so hyped for the Infinity:Quest for Earth, I was growing so much hope and dreams for that game project but this , this is not what they (I-NOVAE) talking back in the time :/ This Infinity: Battlescape will probably be just a watered and much more smaler version of what they speek years back , Is actualy a peety that this game project is not even close to Star Citizen and other space-games. I will stay by my SC , thats all !
  7. That turrets are great but I still think that front side big trusters on the Javelin Destroyer need to go, they are just obstructing the lines of the ship! Just look how nice Santobell makes his destroyer (sorry I am not so good in explanations in english :s ).
  8. (Usualy Iam not into this type of music,Iam more into metal/rock etc but this time Iam in a mood for this so , enjoy!
  9. Happy Birthday to our Lider Gallitin!

  10. Really nice and informative interview , for the Imperium!!
  11. Yes ,Iam also very interested to know the enemy, for me personaly, Vanduuls are in some way similar whit Orks from Warhammer 40.000! They are very agresive, they are raiders looting almoust awereting and above all they like to fight so probably they have some warrior code of honor (I speek about Vanduuls, they maybe have some sence of honor etc ,Orks are just crazy looters). Also I think that Vanduuls are pushed or manipulated to attack us by some misterious alien race, who knows maybe they (the Vanduul ) are actualy infested by some parasitic aliens who force them to be very agresive and beas
  12. Secrets you say, hmmm Gnutt dont like secrets! But now seriously ,I hope that the special meating will be great but Iam not sure if I will be free at that time but I will see later.
  13. I admire Santobell work on that awesome advanced ( Lexxen ) Destroyer, its even beter and more intimidating (ok, maybe not too much) than Javelin Destroyer and how I see many other people want this magnifisent space ship into SC. Santobell is truly talented and I think that CIG need to consider puting the Lexxen Destroyer into final SC game! Double thumbs up for Santobell and his awesome space ship, b d
  14. Happy Birthday Ostia and all the goody stuff hapen in your life!

    Live long and prosperous!

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      Happy Birthday, Ostia!

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      Thanks guys!

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