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  1. Pity, though not surprising. Next patch perhaps.
  2. Want...I want. Maybe a SC mod someday
  3. It is difficult to provide a comparison to something like Star Citizen. Most AAA games don't even get announced until they're in a stage much closer to Beta. It's not surprising that people don't understand that. This is a learning experience for everyone, especially other developers. They may be hesitant to produce as much information as CIG in the future, knowing how the public will react to a game in early development.
  4. Glad to hear @Siberz4 is alright as well as Rocket Man's and Chimaera's friends. As the world becomes more interconnected, it becomes more and more likely that people we know become affected by negative events occurring on the world stage. Here's hoping that we as a species can start learning to combat our less evolved tendencies.
  5. I'm reasonably sure she's not. Fairly certain that's just a rumor that's been spread around trying to discredit her by saying that she only got the job because of her relation to Chris - which is likely bogus. Anyway, not a bad article and she was generous towards the community despite our sometimes interesting attitudes.
  6. Couldn't help thinking of this when I saw the design of that ship...
  7. It's improper Latin with bad grammar and spelling. Words are out of order. It's a butchering of Cicero's De finibus bonorum et malorum, specifically the first discourse. Essentially it's nonsense.
  8. We're the big ship in case you were wondering.
  9. I wonder, I'm assuming since it wasn't a published thesis and only a small project, they didn't make you fill out a waiver regarding data collection human subjects...did they? Just curious, the internet has a way of blurring the lines of research and permissions.
  10. Holy crap, this is exciting. I hope they don't screw it up.
  11. Very informative and hopefully will appease the nay-sayers. Personally I've never had any difficulties regarding their customization ideas but good to know they've addressed a potential 'issue'.
  12. I'm in agreement with Arcanus regarding the NPC crew resources...this being said, I'm hoping after Imperium training, most of our own folks will be better than the average npc.
  13. I have track IR but no gimballed guns...It's incredibly useful for knowing your surroundings and seeing targets outside your main reticle, but when you just have fixed guns, it's more about knowing where everything is rather than focusing all weapons on your target.
  14. I voted but I am biased lol. This being said, I've yet to be beaten by a 350r despite the m50's slower top speed.
  15. The Aurora is a more difficult ship to fly because it wasn't designed for maneuverability or combat (and therefore flies like a loaded pickup lol) but it's not impossible. As has already been said, get close! Once you are within 300m, get your circle and your + reticle both on the yellow box and you should be able to hit them. I suggest equipping the bulldogs from your LN to the Aurora MR trainer (since you can't use the LN in AC yet) to allow more sustained fire than the M3A's until you get better at keeping on target. Good luck!
  16. 1:15, m50 by myself. Tho last night in actual races I couldn't get better than 1:28. Has anyone tried an Aurora?
  17. Wine, Water, Hot Tea, Iced Tea, Milk on occasion... Sometimes I'll have dinner or desert when I'm gaming but usually I try to avoid snacking or I'll end up eating a whole box of cookies, chips, or dried fruit...and sitting isn't exactly a rigorous activity to burn off those extra calories.
  18. Mmmm yes, the commoners...gotta keep us peasants happy lol. In any case, I'm extremely excited regarding the possibility of multiple-owners. Perhaps our capital fleet will grow even more than we expect
  19. Deltoran

    M50 Revealed

    I'd be a bit miffed if they took out the M50's jump drive as well...here's hoping Chris was just theory crafting and it gets shot down in post.
  20. Gluttonous gopher haha. Guess it will learn not to eat so much in the future.
  21. Wow, that's a hilarious if they're doing that for the commercial. Nice touch. And what is that girl doing to that poor animal?
  22. Lol...when I think of intelligent elevator...I think of this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_k9Ukm9LaWg#t=58
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