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  1. Hilarious that sounds the same as a TS channel with @KKillroyV2 and @Psychopath talking to each other
  2. Only javelin owners get a reputation instantly when they apply here .....thats what i noticed
  3. Why do you people have those wierd text on your selfies ???? Is a selfie alone not shocking enough???
  4. I did not see any offers yet so i will offer 50 $
  5. No thank you very much sometimes its not possible to watch YouTube
  6. I want a standard button for auto (cold) start up and when that sequence is done after a minute or 2 i can take off and tweak all that stuff in flight
  7. I thougt the word "nuts" Was the best american response to these kind of shit It would save a lot of people time and internet space that we could use for better things
  8. Lol the 2 biggest anime fan boys of this forum are still silent i think i know what they did last summer....
  9. So what they say is there are already "people" playing the final version of Star Citizen and Star Citizen 2 is there in development and will be released...soon
  10. Where are the row paddles???....... [emoji106] [emoji1] [emoji4] [emoji6]
  11. Thanks VoA i appreciate (and I'm sure a lot more Star Citizen fans) your dedication keep up the good work
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