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  1. Hi all, I'd love to join Imperium Fleet and have just submitted my application (RSI forum handle is also Eurofighter). A short introduction: I'm an old fart (born 1972) and started playing games on a C64 in 1982. After a small break towards the end of the 1980s and early 1990s I got my first real PC in 1993 and have been playing many, many PC games ever since. My main areas of interest were always RPGs and sims. Some of my all-time favs are Wing Commander, Strike Commander, Pacific Strike, all of the Jane's Combat sims, Apache Longbow series, F-22 Total Air War, Red Baron etc. Since they are not making sims anymore, I've mostly been playing other games in other genres (especially RPGs like Gothic, Risen, The Witcher, Elder Scrolls) in recent years. I have a vast collection of games and a huge (hopeless) backlog from various Steam sales. I'm currently getting back into sims (FSX and I plan to get into DCS, IL2 and maybe Falcon BMS) and have ordered a Obutto r3volution home cockpit recently. Planning on setting that up with 3x monitors, TrackIR and my Warthog HOTAS and Saitek pedals and then lots of fun shall be had . As for SC, I have pledged at the High Admiral level with a Vice Admiral base package. I'm going to have an Aurora LX, 350r, M50, Cutlass, Constellation and Freelancer in my hangar. Character name/call sign is most likely going to be "Mako". Would love to join the Exploration division of IF or help out wherever needed flying escorts, hunting bounties, doing trade runs, whatever... Thanks for considering my application and see you in the verse!
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