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  1. Hrusai

    Hello World.

    Thanks Mythos
  2. Hrusai

    See the UEE Marine

    damnit i didn't read your comment properly xD i read it as "Nope, it's not robocop's. It's a modified Beretta Hi-Capa 7.1 Dragon..." *sigh* the things our brains do xD
  3. Hrusai

    Hello World.

    Thanks Gallitin and Goose! Good to be here ^^
  4. Hrusai

    See the UEE Marine

    Robocop is awesome haha yeah your right it aint robocop's gun, then again it's not quite that beretta either....but it's near enough as makes no difference lol good eye dude!
  5. Hrusai

    See the UEE Marine

    its robocops gun
  6. Hrusai

    Clan/Fleet ship Tags?

    I'd love to see actual clan dog tags! or rings, just some small wearable that the clan has to design and then submit to the game, if it's approved all clan members get given them! clan tags attached to names i don't like though
  7. Hrusai

    Hello World.

    Thanks Alex-Cobra, DarthAraknus and Loyalist!
  8. Hrusai

    Galactic Map

    wow excellent job on that! functional and pretty, what more could you ask for ^^
  9. Hrusai

    Hello World.

    Thank You Apophis nice to see your all a friendly bunch!
  10. Personally i view anything that seats 1-2 players as a cockpit, 3 or more would be a bridge....in my mind anyway xD....though i would add the caveat that you'd need multiple levels to be a bridge, so the constellation would technically not be a bridge, not quite anyway ...unless you count the turrets as levels lol
  11. Hrusai

    Hello World.

    Thanks Kellso first line smileys all the way so far xD
  12. Hrusai

    See the UEE Marine

    They should make alot of things pledge items really but that realisation of the marine is superb, light weight, looks nice and form fitting, though you gotta wonder how a helmet would fit into the suit
  13. Hrusai

    Hello World.

    Cheers Shinken
  14. Hrusai

    Hello World.

    Hey there, I'm Tim Big Star Citizen fan (aren't we all xD) been following since the kickstarter, but only managed to pledge in about april or thereabouts. I'm quite active on the RSI forums and am looking forward to finding out more about Imperium and potentially joining up. Pleased to meet y'all