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  1. Boraxx


    we also know that the Retribution will only be a Squadron 42 ship, at least not until Squadron 42 part 2 is released. Chris stated that SQ42 part 1 will only showcase the Retribution under construction, where as in part 2 the ship will be flying
  2. The bigger question: Why is http://forums.starci...r/7203-segevbr/ sending PMs on Vegas his behalf ?
  3. So I received the following message from: http://forums.starcitizenbase.com/user/7203-segevbr/ Why is this type of spam allowed on SCBase?
  4. Ben Lesnick confirmed there is another ship comming buts its nothing as exotic as people are guessing. Next month we will know.
  5. @MArshal Afghanicus, I was in the Dutch army, but had no beard or tat, or piercing The chopper isnt Dutch either, it was American,I was just very close with the squadron flying them. Also with the chinook jocks from the UK airforce (diff pics ),great guys too!
  6. @Rattpunk, good thing I'm already married, so it doesnt matter
  7. Spent more than intended, less than its worth to me
  8. Using a pledged StarFarer might be fun to use for suicide missions. Fill her up with 75 tons of fuel, and let it collide with a ship to go BOOM. Should do some damage I'm guessing
  9. Also CR mentioned that the Vanduul wing is reinforced and is used for ramming/slicing tactics
  10. @Talinko: CR explained that the seahorse ship is a model he purchased as part of the initial coding. He liked it and has many facets.
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