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  1. Colonel_Colt

    The official music thread

    The memories... Oh, the memories... *facepalm* ^^
  2. Colonel_Colt

    The official music thread

    Quite some time since my last song of the day... ^^
  3. Colonel_Colt

    Gun Advice

    @Morcar Are you handloading your own ammunition?
  4. Colonel_Colt

    Gun Advice

    Hi there. Are you sure the "Ruger American Rifle" is available in your country? Because the cheapest models of the US manufacturers are often not imported in the EU because they do not match the EU standarts in materials and build quality. To the caliber question... What do you want to hunt? And what distance you want (can) to shoot at the range? I own rifles in both calibers and may give you some advise. ^^
  5. Colonel_Colt

    The official music thread

  6. Colonel_Colt

    Freelancer Commercial

    I agree! Started with an Freelancer LTI package and i will definitly keep it. Just upgraded to DUR-Version 2 days ago.
  7. Colonel_Colt

    X52 Pro Profile Arena Commander

    THX man! Can´t wait to give it a try!
  8. Well, played AC a bit this afternoon... 1920x1080, High Settings Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 (4 x 2,83 Ghz) 8 GB Ram Gainward GTX 570 Phantom (comes with a massive 3rd-Party cooler and slightly OCed) Gigabyte EP45-DS4 Mainboard Win 7 Ultimate x64 Getting about 25 to 30 fps... I´m VERY pleased about my 5 years old rig (Graphics card updated about 3 years ago).
  9. Colonel_Colt

    Pictures from your daily life.

    @ Mav Seeing a picture of you RC plane reminds me i´ve never seen it in action so far... Time to change that, i would say... ^^
  10. Colonel_Colt

    Pictures from your daily life.

    Hm? Except the Akrapovic-Exhausts it´s a stock KTM 990 Supermoto
  11. Colonel_Colt

    Pictures from your daily life.

    @ stefmarster Damn... Thats wierd looking stuff. Due to my rock-solid stomach i´d love to be on a ship in such heavy sea one day. @ Jozi Kawasaki ER-5... A timeless classic. And like an old Honda CB500 build to last forever. ^^ Thats my bike... Not an actual picture, but nothing has changed except the tires. Using 'Pirelli Diablo Rosso II' now instead of 'Pirelli Scorpion Sync'...
  12. Colonel_Colt

    gun pictures are always fun

    Keep your internals together, soldier! Some vanduul skulls would do just fine... ^^
  13. Colonel_Colt

    gun pictures are always fun

    About 10.000 USD with scope...
  14. Colonel_Colt

    gun pictures are always fun

    And my 4 rifles Steyr SSG 08, .308 Winchester, Nightforce NXS 8-32x56 Scope with MLR reticle... Zombie repellent up to 1000 yards ^^ Marlin M1894 Cowboy, .44 Magnum... Holds 10 rounds in less than 1 meter length... Handy beast Springfield M1903A3, .30-06 Springfield... made by Remington, got rebarreld and -stocked 1943, looks like fresh out of the factory Pedersoli 1874 Sharps Competition, .45/70... Quigley would be proud^^
  15. Colonel_Colt

    gun pictures are always fun

    These are my 2 handguns... STI Eagle 6.0 lwd, .45 Auto Ruger KGP-161, .357 Magnum