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  1. I only fly HB. And as soon as I get a grip on a descent Joystick I go FRB.
  2. That will be only a matter of time, we have the cockies.
  3. Some Way outta the Milkyway, above the middle point, so I can get a real good photo of the Spiral to give it to the Science. Me only want a G3 Assault Gun from H&K but not near my livingplace (Weapons and Kids do not match) Which kind of Weapon you want to own (if ya want one in ya house?) if you are free to select of any weapon [no Weapon of Mass destruction, only Hand- or Infanteryweapons.

    Merry Xmas

    I wish you all a Merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate) and happy Holidays. Make it safely into the next Year and be proud of yourself´s as we all have survived the Maya Calendar ending Apocalypse. See ya all latest in the new year.
  5. Spain, Czechoslovakia, Ex-Yugoslavia, USA (Georgia, Alabama, Florida), UK/Scotland but most I favored Frankfurt am Main (Germany) where I have been born If you would be healthy enough and money does not matter, which extreme sport like the Red bull ones or Travis Pastrana would you try out?
  6. My Ex-Partner back in Germany! She started the day around 15:00 with the first beer and ended it usually after the 8th or 10th sometimes she didn`t even stop before 03:00 or 04:00 in the morning. And when she became a bad or aggressive mood during it, that was the worst case scenario, that normally let me leave to my own apartment for the sake of my health. What was the best game experience (burned to your mind) that you ever had with a PC Game. (Like, that was the most awesome nade kill I made/ The most funny fail)
  7. Vendetta Online / Diaspora / 7554 / Planetside 2 [lag without end ] and CoD Technogod-MW3 on the Awog Servers tor the reflexes.
  8. If mankind would be able to travel to the stars yet YES to drive em out to space. In all such situations the scientist have made evolutionary new things. -airplane during WW1, Tanks and cheap cars in WW2, Moonflight during cold war. If world peace would be reachable through a vote for a world leadership, but would mean we all would fall to a same level of accommodation etc.would ya vote for that world parliament or give a shit to pace and favorer marketing and war?
  9. http://en.wikipedia....es_Peak_quattro http://youtu.be/1x3ytEoNqRc http-~~-//youtu.be/5wrLj_HlYEo http-~~-//youtu.be/eiSF22kMNHs http-~~-//youtu.be/9vfqAreUXFw http-~~-//youtu.be/cDRkHXMHqFo I love that Audi and miss the Group B, was the best Rally series ever
  10. I fully agree with the Gold Wing thing, that is only stupid and the excuse that it is only to get to the game dedicated pilots in a Squad is the biggest BS I ever heard. Yes, as an GT holder, I`m a bit proud to have gathered one of èm. Even if I will only get the Gold layer for ma ship and maybe any other fancy but not gamerelevant add on. But saying that the other Fans are not as dedicated to the Game or interested as Gold Wing implies is arrogant, that is out of Question and I bet most are pissed cause Gold Wing rubs it everybody daily under the nose with bumping up their tread. That why I am so happy that an RSI official (BEN) has set em an end, and I will hope they will do the same with the so called Gold Wing, even if I personal doubt it..
  11. THe onlöy thing popping up is how the golden ticket holders are considered the "most loyal SC fans" That is the hoax thing about it, as ya can see here, nowhere is standing anything about that, the whole text implies only one thing, that we where earlier there. That is it.
  12. July 16 1969 Kennedy Space Center Spectator and watch with ma own Eyes how 3 Men write Human History would give a lot to see that monster in a real lift-off. What you would do, if you find out your family are aliens and you are only adopted for cover.
  13. http://www.robertsspaceindustries.com/forums/topic/golden-tickets-should-be-rewarded-to-everyone-who-pledged-during-the-campaign/ Golden tickets should be rewarded to everyone who pledged during the campaign November 30, 2012 at 8:36 am #116075 Ben Lesnick Key Master Guys, I’m sorry but it’s time to end this one. We’re aware of how you feel about the Golden Tickets. We’re proud of the support ALL our backers have given us and the idea was never to split anyone into warring groups. The Golden Ticket program helped get the word out early and I think it worked pretty well… but that doesn’t make the people who happened to find the site then more special. Golden Ticket holders had the great responsibility of introducing the world to our game and I think they did an excellent job… but please keep that responsibility to heart as you go on. Rather than separating yourself off from everyone else, keep advocating and helping everyone have a better game. YES, was time that happend
  14. That disscusion get beside the target.You are both right and wrong.Chris stated that you can jump from where ever you are in universe, as long as you are docked into a friends turret!So no boring times as you only do it when needed. You actually do not need to be onboard.For the P52 you are correct, you will maybe have boring times, who knows Chris mind, I do not.And Insurance is the same, the fact is, insurance will climb bound to what sector you are flying in or through and how often ya lose ya ship.So it could be, that we see pilots without a insuranced ship, caused by not paid Insurance. And if none is lending them a ship (why I should???), then they would have to do other jobs on the side to get money and their insurance paid.Could that be include time were you are bored, yes why not, people should be punished for losing all the time ships and need the insurance.If you are a unlucky Pie-Rat, an over risk taking Trader or mining in the frontlines and loose all the time ships, yes let em do some boring stuff so they appriciate the cool Space Simulation they where given.
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