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  1. This was one of the first ship i ever bought. I absolutely love it. It looks so mean with the Dual Gatling cannons.
  2. Whenever you wanna play buddy hop on TS and look for me or Jon, we tend to play every night
  3. I have a Radeon 7850 hd for now will use it until I have enough to buy an entirely new rig. Works well in the hangar module only a few spots were I get lag issues, otherwise I think it will be good for the first fee months of sc
  4. Welcome new recruits, once you have been accepted please join us in TS get to know your fellow fleet members, take a load off, and discuss whichever/whatever topic comes to mind :-D
  5. Welcome to everyone who has joined us. You will not be disappointed, you have joined a group of really awesome people, minus Stoff.....:-P just kidding love you Stoff, back to the point I hope to see you guys on TS in the near future - Jamtu
  6. Glad to see so many new recruits. Hope to see all of you on TS and good luck.:-)
  7. Captain_Jamtu

    Ongoing Discussion Post Your Rig!

    This is my new baby amd fx 8150 eight core AMD Radeon HD 7850 16 GB RAM Closed loop NZXT liquied cooling also has 6 fans.
  8. I want to be a marine the glasses are epic
  9. Im sure there will be a way for me to work around the fuel issue. :-) i wont have to run engines at full the entire time now lol
  10. I am also highly interested in the RP aspect. I RP in SWTOR and i loved every minute of it. Joining each other at a catina at a random space station. I am down. Plus the military RP could get very, very interesting , especially between Fleets.
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