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  1. Captain_Jamtu

    My Longest Shot in ARMA 3 so far

    Whenever you wanna play buddy hop on TS and look for me or Jon, we tend to play every night
  2. Captain_Jamtu

    My Longest Shot in ARMA 3 so far

    About 1300 M
  3. Captain_Jamtu

    Face to the Name

    thats me! the bike i learned on.
  4. Captain_Jamtu

    [Disregard][Lock]Arena Comander out today

    Trolololol lol
  5. Captain_Jamtu

    Ongoing Discussion GPUs you will be using for star citizen

    I have a Radeon 7850 hd for now will use it until I have enough to buy an entirely new rig. Works well in the hangar module only a few spots were I get lag issues, otherwise I think it will be good for the first fee months of sc
  6. Captain_Jamtu

    Imperium Recruitment (StarCitizenBase.com Fleet)

    Welcome new recruits, once you have been accepted please join us in TS get to know your fellow fleet members, take a load off, and discuss whichever/whatever topic comes to mind :-D
  7. Captain_Jamtu

    Imperium Recruitment (StarCitizenBase.com Fleet)

    Welcome to everyone who has joined us. You will not be disappointed, you have joined a group of really awesome people, minus Stoff.....:-P just kidding love you Stoff, back to the point I hope to see you guys on TS in the near future - Jamtu
  8. Captain_Jamtu

    Imperium Recruitment (StarCitizenBase.com Fleet)

    Glad to see so many new recruits. Hope to see all of you on TS and good luck.:-)
  9. Dont forget that LTI is transferrable to different ship hulls as well.
  10. Captain_Jamtu

    Ongoing Discussion Post Your Rig!

    This is my new baby amd fx 8150 eight core AMD Radeon HD 7850 16 GB RAM Closed loop NZXT liquied cooling also has 6 fans.
  11. Captain_Jamtu

    See the UEE Marine

    I want to be a marine the glasses are epic
  12. Captain_Jamtu

    Upgrading my 300i

    Im sure there will be a way for me to work around the fuel issue. :-) i wont have to run engines at full the entire time now lol
  13. I am also highly interested in the RP aspect. I RP in SWTOR and i loved every minute of it. Joining each other at a catina at a random space station. I am down. Plus the military RP could get very, very interesting , especially between Fleets.
  14. Captain_Jamtu

    21 million?

    For the 21 million mark i would like one of the stretch goals to be an in game computer for which i can chat with. The Trek nerd in me wants to be able to ask the ship, "computer, display current route" :-) ^or ask for an earl gray ;-)