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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. I own the Kore and an upgrade (unapplied) to the Titan Renegade. I like the Titan for it's cargo space. The Kore is an awesome idea on paper but I just can't see myself being successful with a vertically winged ship, as much as I love the 'B-Wing' style. And when you compare each of the cargo areas, Titan has significantly more space.
  3. I know it goes against what this ship's 'gimick' is...but I'd like it a lot more if they gave us a single seat option.
  4. I realize the images shown in ATV are not the final version...but I doubt very much the over-all aesthetic has changed much and that being the case, I'm not even tempted. This may be my least favorite looking ship. Kinda like David Hobbins 'phoned it in' on this one, or was outta good ideas after working on Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars. The final version will have to be way 'cooler' than the flying half-moon thing that we've seen, for me to part with another $50...
  5. With the exception of grey market, this is almost identical to my experience. Although it still says 'digital colonel' on the forums for me, I've been a concierge member for about a year now having spent $1750 plus subscription to this point, and I don't think I'm done yet. I never would have thought I'd do that for a game....ever.
  6. I'm sure he is talented but I never was too impressed with him as a person on screen. That may be an unfair assessment as that is not his job and he may just be a quiet guy, but to me he gave off the vibe that this whole thing was beneath him somehow, like he was "too cool" for it or something. It always bugged me during TNGS when he would be asked for his opinion and it was like pulling teeth to get him to say anything worthwhile and constructive half the time.
  7. Yes this is nothing new but I know people will continue to wonder about it until such time we have the seats actually move in the hangar/AC. The commercial shows it off center, as I understand, because the base model was used that doesn't have it centered...which is weird. But much of this release (brochure and commercial included) seems rushed to me. Many questions remain about the variants and people in general appear to be disappointed in the Cutlass offerings. I for one have the Blue...but am really not happy with how it is currently. They'll patch it and make it better, but I'm not convinced that it'll be what it should be. We'll see I guess.
  8. I'm going to reserve my final judgement on the Cutlass until after we see some variants...but I have become a little disenchanted with it.The more I poke around it in my hanger the less clear it's role becomes for me. I never wanted to be a pirate, I just loved the look of the thing (and the asteroid hanger sounded cool) so I bought it. But now after months of internal debate I am unclear what i want it to be. I now have... A Super Hornet - Fighter A Freelancer MIS - Missile boat (and open to other roles through modifications) A Gladiator - Fighter Bomber (does this mean another missile boat?) A Retaliator - Bomber (does this mean another - bigger- missile boat?) A Constellation - "All purpose" (mostly Exploration and Hauling I think) A 350R - Racing Fighter An Avenger - Bounty Hunter/ Escort Fighter A Starfarer - Hauler (money maker) So that leaves the Cutlass and these questions... What do I do with it? What will it be best at and does that jive with how I want to play it? Does it do anything my other ships don't? Oh, and a few things I hate about it...The cockpit fan (do we not have A/C in the future?), The offset seating arrangement (second seat could be but the pilot in the front should be centered in a spinning seat). Lastly the big stupid green buttons to activate stuff. I want to love it.
  9. I couldn't agree more. I can't wait to get one on my super Hornet...(I believe I can anyway).
  10. Where did you hear they would be creating new fighters every year? Don't forget the Hornet is, something like, 200 years old...seems weird that all of a sudden they'll start improving on it every year. Upgrades to it I can see (better systems and what not).
  11. Welcome Mercer! As long as you point your guns in the same direction as the rest of us I don't care who's wing you end up on
  12. I agree...I don't mean to sound like I'm whining...just concerned that at this stage (early...very early) I don't think it's very practical form what they showed...But it IS beautiful!!
  13. In this video they do a great job of showing off the work going into creating the amazing visuals of the Hornet HUD. I watched it twice and absolutely love how it's turning out...save one thing...the reticle seems too big, and 'busy'. I like the idea in theory of the multi-layered reticle they show in the video, but damn...with all that swirling, 3D awesomeness, it's blocking the view of the target ship. And let's face it, unless we're attacking a huge ship, the target will be engaged at range and appear quite small through the canopy. And when you do get closer, how can you target individual systems? It'll be even more difficult if we're attacking in a group and I'm behind you trying to shoot past you to hit the target, you'll be obscured by the reticle too...significant danger of friendly fire I think. It looks like too much of a good thing to me.
  14. People seem to think this is a "surprise ship"....I don't think he called it that. I believe he just said they were 'doing something special'...or am I remembering that wrong?
  15. Welcome to the fleet!