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  1. StarStuff

    Want to Sell WTS Capital Ship Account $6000 [SOLD]

    pm sent.
  2. Price is same as melt value, $325. Please PM PayPal email address if interested. Thank you. PACKAGE - CONSTELLATION AQUILA REVEL & YORK HANGAR CONSTELLATION AQUILA Roberts Space Industries (RSI) ALSO CONTAINS Starting Money:10,000 UEC 6 Month Insurance Deluxe Silver Collector's Box Spaceship-shaped USB Drive CD of Game Soundtrack Glossy Fold-up Star Map 5 Spaceship Blueprints 3 Inch Model of Spaceship Hardback Making-of Star Citizen Legacy Alpha Digital Star Citizen Manual Squadron 42 Digital Download Star Citizen Digital Download
  3. StarStuff

    Want to Sell Account - Endeavor, Banu MM etc.

    Word of warning, asked the OP if he is original owner and can provide proof, OP then stopped replying.
  4. StarStuff

    Complete Selling an Idris-M (Giftable) - $3000 USD

    and that's where it's gonna stay if you don't reply to pms
  5. Hi I still am. If you PM me your verified PayPal email address, I'll send you an invoice. Thanks, Starstuff
  6. StarStuff

    Complete Glaive - $475

    moved to another post.
  7. OK, got the original email account and updated the ad. Thanks for holding my hand through this
  8. Hi, thanks for the welcome and info. I can't seem to add pics to the post, it just spins, so I added links to the pics, hope that's cool. I contacted my org mate and neighbor who sold me the Javelin for the original email account, so I'll update once I hear back from him, and I PMed a mod over at SC_trades asking him to contact you and @Danredda. Please let me know if there's anything else.
  9. Hi, RSI username is the same, starstuff, I've sold plenty ships on reddit under /u/xboston with ZERO issues and I have a listing on ebay right now for these ships HERE where i have over 400 positive feedbacks so I hope this is sufficient to prove my trust worthiness. Prices are below, willing to entertain offers as well. Javelin - $4,000 - comes with original email and an aurora LN with alpha package, pic in hangar: http://i.imgur.com/tkLJgkx.jpg [SOLD] Idris-M - $3,500 - pic in hangar: http://i.imgur.com/vuqfPfs.png [NO LONGER AVAILABLE] Glaive - $475 - pic in hangar: http://i.imgur.com/LzIZlG0.png [SOLD] Scythe - $2,000 - pic in hangar: http://i.imgur.com/EBrXC2f.png [SOLD] Hull-E - $550 - pic in hangar: http://i.imgur.com/qFiwQno.png [SOLD] All have LTI. It's my first time posting here, so if I missed something, please let me know and I'll fix right away. Otherwise, thanks for looking. Cheers.