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  1. Picked the Phoenix for that sweet, sweet class 9 point defense gun. May be tempted to trade her in for a 890 yacht down the road, but happy for now. The multi-crew ships are why I'm here.
  2. CIG put themselves in a catch 22 situation with hull insurance & LTI. On the one hand, they downplayed LTI's value early on, stating it would merely provide a "convenience" that was insignificant. On the other hand, they probably only recently realized in their PU economy design process that they have a limited number of levers to pull to implement credit sinks in the game. As someone who's played a fair bit of MMOs with player economies, I always found dubious the early claims that opting yourself out of one of the most obvious and readily available credit sinks (LTI) would amount to "merely a convenience." Of course, CIG may yet find a way to square the circle -- retaining ship hull insurance as a viable credit sink while also limiting the long-term value of LTI.
  3. Exitre

    Origin 890 JUMP

    All valid points, but there's an underlying assumption that maximizing pledge dollars is CIG's overriding goal with all their ships. Prima facie, this is reasonable -- they are a business after all -- yet, your own point about the limited number of Idrises sold indicates that CIG has competing interests when releasing ships. They have to consider issues of balance and the aesthetic they hope to craft in the universe. The value of a vanity ship like the 890 Jump is directly proportional to its rarity and prestige. IRL, this applies to cars, watches, handbags, and similar "luxury" items. That is why I anticipate CIG will price the 890 Jump in a manner reflective of its intended prestigious niche, rather than a linear extrapolation of its specs compared to other ships.
  4. Exitre

    Origin 890 JUMP

    A luxury/status symbol becomes less so if it's commonplace. I agree that it will likely be priced well in excess of the value implied by its specs.
  5. http://store.steampowered.com/app/236150 Anyone given this early access game a shot? As of 2014.07.17 it is on sale -33% as a daily deal for the next 36 hours or so. It looks promising, sort of a cross between EVE and Freelancer, but offline. Positive reviews and incredible looking visuals.
  6. While it started and finished strong, overall I felt this was the weakest season yet. I question their decision to split this book, I don't think it gave them enough material to keep up their pacing. Much of this season felt like throw-away filler, then last night was a head-spinning rush through plot points that I had partially forgotten about. I hope they tighten it back up next season.
  7. I just went through this, OP, for the exact same reason (starting medical school in August, desktop impractical). I did a lot of research and decided on this: Sager NP8275 / Clevo P170SM 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-4700MQ Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.40 GHz) NVIDIA® GeForce™GTX 780M 4GB GDDR5 Memory 750GB 7200rpm SATA 300 Hard Drive Grand Total: $2,068 from LPC-Digital. Reasoning: given what Chris Roberts has said about Star Citizen's gfx requirements, your bottleneck for running it on a laptop is going to be your graphics card, period. You want and need the best mobile graphics card available because that little "M" after the GTX 780 implies ~50% performance cut off the desktop version of the same card (source). I expect to have reasonable, not flawless, performance from this set up at non-max settings. That's the other part, you need to understand that you won't get the same level of performance with a laptop that the equivalent desktop form factor can offer (and you'll pay a hefty premium for the mobility). As long as you accept that trade-off, nothing else needs to be said.
  8. I got a Sager NP8275 with GeForce GTX 780M last summer for gaming away from home. I hope to achieve playable frame rates in the DFM, but I expect it to be a little rough. The resource intensity of the DFM is going to be significantly greater than walking around the hangar.
  9. I thought my massive Imperium logo avatar would dissuade the invite squad from knocking, but no... I was wrong.
  10. "Discrimination" does not always work both ways -- it depends on the context and power dynamics at play, as Ben Lesnick's post acknowledges. Without getting too far into it here, this theory of sociology is known as structural violence.
  11. I bought the Star Wars collection on sale at Steam... working my way through that!
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