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  1. Brainiac

    Ships that will be useful in exploration

    I think the Endeavor will make an awesome exploration ship. The outlines on the concept remind me of the MACROSS style ships. I will definitely give a good long look at it for purchase depending on base price and module pricing. I do agree with you Stefmarster with a medical bay it will be a most awesome ship.
  2. Konichiwa, Way to go dude. I was born and raised in Osaka and have never seen something as well put together as this. I will follow your postings from now on. Transmitted from an accepted gaijin
  3. Brainiac

    Ships that will be useful in exploration

    To me the exploration is the meat and potatoes of a "space game". In, survey, and out with out being noticed. Since cost is a big factor or exploration the smaller ships would be more ideal. I have a Freelance DUR and have a Idris for when I want to go back and really stake claim. Keeping in mind that $$$ is always going to be needed to keep the old engines going. High return vs bulk is always going to be considered. Just a few thoughts from myself.
  4. Brainiac

    Hello Everyone

    Hello everyone, Been a member here for a while but not active. I hope to change that now that I have returned from my deployments overseas. I look forward to be active here since I am waiting with great anticipation for Star Citizen to launch. Brainiac 5