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  1. @Pharesm There difference in prices listed in each row item is not directly due to exchange rates. They are hard coded by CIG themselves to help offset the additional costs arising from VAT. CIG have set EUR prices to be 80% of the USD cost and the GBP price is set at 70% of the USD cost. This forms the base price and then VAT is added to that base to arrive at the total price invoiced to the customer. For example: Using your example of a Retaliator Base, and you live in Germany. The USD cost is $150. The base EUR cost is 120€. VAT in Germany is 19% so 120 x 1.19 = 142,80€ which is the actual cost you quoted in your previous post.
  2. @Pharesm: The prices listed are the base CIG rate. I also included the VAT rates for most (hopefully all) EU countries at the bottom of the post. I think you'll find the prices match up once you apply the correct VAT rate for your country. If the VAT rate is wrong let me know and I'll make adjustments, the list was provided for me so I just assumed it was correct.
  3. Updated OP with new 2015 sale list. It is still under construction. @Niner the carrack has been added I also removed the links to the upgrade path programs as they are now redundant with the new CCU system.
  4. Baragoon

    Want to Trade Commission Free Trading

    I don't trade items myself, I just act as a go-between to make sure deals go as planned. I'm sorry I cannot help you with that item, partially because I have no clue what a cyrex stattrak factory is, and mostly because I only deal with SC items and fiat currency.
  5. Baragoon

    Want to Trade Commission Free Trading

    G'day SCB, Just letting you guys know I have a relatively new service where I will list items you want to buy and sell without asking for a commission and I will also middleman the exchange for free as usual. This means cheaper prices for buyers and sellers get more in their pocket from the agreed price. The lists are on reddit and can be viewed without needing an account, and I would prefer to be contacted through there, but I know there are people (like myself) who dislike the place and do not wish to become members. I can conduct the service through here, it will just take few extra steps. If you do not have a reddit account, you may have to be a member of SCB of some good standing before I agree to do business with you. A verified paypal account is a must. The lists are located as follows: Click here for the list of items for saleClick here for the list of items wantedShoot me a PM if you have an questions. Regards, B
  6. Oh paradox, you do like pushing the envelope. You started at a thousand on reddit and now down to $400? I don't like your chances as with each sale less and less scythes have giftable status, but best of luck regardless!
  7. I helped make this trade happen. Both sides acted professionally and I would be happy to help either of them again if they need it.
  8. @Siberz4: Thanks for the warm words, but @ErickPasta is right; I'm not stopping middlemanning altogether just for accounts where a business name is displayed rather than an individuals name.
  9. With the posting of this thread and this one on reddit today, along with the recent scams here, I have decided in the interest of consumer safety to no longer middleman trades that use a business account. I would advise everyone else to also have second thoughts as with a business account you cannot identify exactly who you are buying from/selling to and it maybe a employee rather than the actual person who registered the account with paypal. I apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.
  10. Thanks Chim! I don't english good sometimes.. I'll have to look up what convient means now.
  11. Some might say too much is going on. I don't know why this is being spammed everywhere what with the big leak going on right now. There are far better ships from what I can tell in there than this unnessecarily busy design.
  12. Call me cynical, but it seems when hype is down and negativity is up, stuff like this happens. And this happened when all the top tier devs are out of town... ...how convient convenient.
  13. Update: Added buy and sell guides I have written.
  14. G'day SCB, I thought I'd share with this community two guides I have written on buying and selling ships. How to Buy Spaceships Over the Spectrum in 2945 How to Sell Spaceships Over the Spectrum in 2945 I'll also include these in the sticky so they are easy to find. Regards, B
  15. So I found out. Sadly my offer runs out in just a few hours, then I'll leave it to the professionals
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