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    i7-4930k 4.5 GHz OCd (3.4), ASUS Rampage IV E Black Edition, Corsair Dominator Platinum 32 GB 2400 MHz, ASUS GTX 900 SLI. HDD; Samsung 840 pro 128GB SSD, Seagate XT 750GB, WD 2TB SATA III, Corsair AX1200i, 3x ASUS ROG Swift PG278Q Monitors, Corsair Vengeance Mouse and Keyboard, Liquid Cooled Dual Loop 420mm and 280mm Radiators (AC Airplex Modularity), EK Blocks, Bitspower fittings, AC Pumps, and Aquaero 6 controller, Xigmatek Elysium Silver Case.

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  1. Zeabz

    Want to Sell Large OC LTI Fleet

    Warbond. All listed ships are Original Concept yeah prices have come down a bit.. plus not trying to make money.. just want to break even
  2. Zeabz

    Want to Sell Large OC LTI Fleet

    updated prices and added stock. Everything is @ cost
  3. Zeabz

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    this image is technically missing the engines still.. but yes close the current design. just an FYI
  4. Zeabz

    RSI - Polaris - Corvette

    Lol.. You do realize you're comparing two ships that are in totally different classes. You could use the same analogy for Polaris vs a Connie. requires less crew, faster speed, both are not actual "carriers" but can carry a single ship, and what the connie is around 1/3 the price.. Personally I think the Polaris, While great to look at, is a waste. It basically a glorified Uboat. For its size and function (Corvette Uboat? it's obscured) it takes way to much crew/NPC, Torpedo's are slow and are going to be crazy expensive. Minus the Cap sensors, even the components seem sub par. Size M fuel tanks, and computers.. HAHAHAHAH.. shit is broken. Hopefully CIG comes out with variants that ditch the torpedo bay. Now a C&C polaris.. with C&C facilities, one large turret (S6? maybe Ion?), better computers, more fuel? in lieu of the the torpedo bay would be amazing.
  5. Zeabz

    Want to Sell Large OC LTI Fleet

    lowered prices on Polaris and Pioneer.
  6. Zeabz

    Want to Sell Large OC LTI Fleet

    updated prices and stock
  7. Zeabz

    Want to Sell Large OC LTI Fleet

    Bump.. lots of movement. updated as of 1-11-18
  8. When I started my Star Citizen journey in 2012 I was a single gamer. In the years since I have become married and now about to have my second child (we lost the last one at 9 weeks, We have now hit 14 weeks and are out of the first trimester danger zone). Real life has Priorities and I have determined I just don't have the time to commit to this game that I once did. All of these ships are Original Concept - LTI. All sales will be done over PayPal and the buyer pays the 4.5% fee. I have had a long history on these forums and have done a lot of trades on this forum, Reddit with Kane, and Shroud of the Avatar Forums. If you would like we can also use a third party middleman. I would prefer Kane as I have worked with them in the past. https://www.reddit.com/user/zeabz/ https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/forum/index.php?members/zeabz.143578/ If you are interested please PM me. I have confirmed that all ships listed below are @ cost -$5 and giftable. I can also post images if you would like. Seems kind of tedious to do though for something that can be pulled from any unverified source. On another note I do still plan on playing. I have another dozen or so ships that I have purchased third party that are currently not giftable. The math gets wonky though with having to factor in credit resell values after melting and buying back with new funds. In any case. I will continue to monitor game development and hope to see you all in the verse. STANDALONE SHIP - AEGIS VULCAN LTI WARBOND VIP EARLY BIRD OC LTI $180.00 STANDALONE SHIP - MISC RAZOR EX MAY PROMOTION OC LTI $135.00 STANDALONE SHIP - MISC RAZOR LX MAY PROMOTION OC LTI $130.00 X1 THREE-PACK SCARLET EDITION - LTI OC LTI $100.00 RSI Apollo Medivac OC LTI $245.00 Prowler OC LTI $375.00 AEGIS DYNAMICS RETALIATOR HEAVY BOMBER - LTI OC LTI $245.00
  9. Zeabz

    Persistence in 2.6 PU

    Found weapons have never persisted (I assume they will eventually, becoming items/cargo that you can either equip or sell) . Currently in the PU found weapons do have their scopes though..
  10. Zeabz

    Persistence in 2.6 PU

    In 2.6 (I believe for testing purposes) all weapons have been unlocked by default. At least they were for me the first time I logged in.
  11. Zeabz

    Game Day - January 28th

    I should be able to make this. Sign me up
  12. My current hanger load out includes the Glaive, Scythe, and Kharthu-Al.. it is a beautiful site... Personally I think if its in your budget pick up as many of the Alien race ships you can. I am thinking the alien ships could potentially be extremely more difficult to acquire in the PU than the regular UEE ships. Race rank, current political climate, War, System events, and the basic universe economy could all impact an individuals ability to purchase one. Another thing to think about which has been alluded to in many theory craft boards is that there could potentially be a requirement to have a particular alien races ship to trade or fly specific missions.. IE you need an Xi'an Scout for a specific mission chain for the Banu in which you need to gather intel from an Xi'an controlled system. With that in mind, In my own opinion, with the idea of purchasing alien ships I would say race proper ships would be first.. Banu MM, Vanduul Scythe, and Xi'an Khartu-al, then second go with the Esperia ships.. The Esperia ships are all limited release per the lore of the company but most likely will not be able fill the role of needing a specifics race ship for a mission.. as they are made with many human components and tech. In summary I would say if its in your budget.. get both the Banu MM and Kartu-Al.
  13. I was thinking we should start a thread about Easter Eggs and other finds that have been located in the PU. One I had in mind is the abandoned habitat located under Grim Hex. Here is a guide of sorts to find it Not sure if it counts but there is a datapad on the top floor of kareah about fixing the filtration system.. future mission? Then there are the 7 datapads you can find during the PI Covalex mission. Each datapad give you an entry in your journal. two of them give you keys to open locked doors. I am sure there will be many more to come.
  14. Zeabz

    RSI - Polaris - Corvette

    Don't get me wrong now.. I think it is cool to theory craft and stuff but the whole ship vs ships weapon, armor, shield comparisons are kind of pointless at this point. On the main Star Citizen page there is literally a 16 page straight up argument/rant on the 890j vs Polaris. It seriously reminds me talking politics with family members. both camps labeling "their" information as fact. conspiracies.. People quitting the forums all together... Be patient. In time stats will be released and guess what even after the new stats are released they will probably change again. Nerfs will happen.. Buffs will happen. It the nature of MMOs.