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  1. Pm'd.. thanks for the quick sale.
  2. Yeah just adding a table to the M2 would make it seems so much more complete to me.. my parents have a small ass boat with something like 25 - 40? square feet of space in it.. and even it has a table that fits 3.. granted its also the floor board when not in use.. still they made it work.. 🤣🙃
  3. Yeah I am really un-Impressed with how the Hercules turned out. To me it seems like there is a lot of wasted space in that central core area. I just think it could have been utilized a little better. like perhaps make it the central rec area.. add a table (such as putting a simple piece of glass on that central hump and allow it to overhand a half meter on each side.. boom.. instant built in table.. that wait.. also supports a larger aux-crew when needed ) there is easily room for a small kitchen and maybe even a game table of sorts, its a big area use it. The layouts are also different as well.. and oddly lacking.. the ship hull is symmetrical.. yet one side has a rather large armory.. yet its mirror is void space... (A2 feature? similar to how the C2 has a tiny table.. yet the M2 has the much larger armory) the void mirror space could have made a nicely appointed captain quarters (similar to the Starfarer.. but not quite as large.. ship class wise that matches up).. then with the food and rec areas being utilized in that central area.. turn the other spaces into bunks (All variants could then use the extra people space to ferry low requirement passengers or something long (when required) distances when not being used in combat ops .. the M2 and I assume A2 have the potential of having like 13? addition aux-crew.. hopefully your not going far. But seriously Crusader.. shuttling people is what they do.. seems like a missed opportunity to augment some checkbooks In summary Where the armory is n the M2.. C2 gets scan protected storage.. in the void mirror space all 3 ships get a legit captain quarters with more protected storage (every captain has their private stash of space weed, booze and that one or two special item). new core is where everyone hangs out during down time.. and you get way more functionality with the bunks and legit kitchen/seating areas for crew moral and long haul ops. I had planned on using the A2 as a long haul missions runner for small group play.. not looking good.. Perhaps CIG wanted to influence how the ship will be ultimately used in the end.. unless they add a few features.. it looks likes only short trip cargo (the C2 is actually pretty solid and can do multiple types of long haul missions with 2 crew.. M2 as well with 3.. but the no table thing seems odd to me.. especially for a MMO that definitely has a focus on immersion.. ) and drop runs.. which seems rather niche for such a spendy ship.. but it is what it is.. I do like the exterior of the ship though.... at the end the day, to me, the $$$ does not justify what you get. I just think it could have been so much more
  4. Zeabz

    closed by staff [WTS] Idris-m

    Well traditionally we have been able to re-sell gifted items by melting and rebuying the item with new funds. You could do this with the M up until about a year ago. So all new Ms that are rebought with non credit do not have the gift button. The button is removed due to $1000 still being the limit. Case in point Kraken, P, and Javelin all still have their "gift" buttons but are effectively stopped due to the $1000 max sale a day fail safe that's built into the site. Just thought I would add some history there.
  5. Zeabz

    closed by staff [WTS] Idris-m

    From my understanding I don't think you can gift this ship anymore with out concierge support. Just an FYI. Good luck on the sale. Nevermind.. this is only relevant to pre policy non giftable Ms..
  6. Looking for an Original Concept - A2 Hercules Let me know if anyone has one gathering dust that they are willing to part with for the right price.
  7. I am more interested in the line above the pisces,, a flight ready F8 lighting would be legit..
  8. Zeabz

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    @Gustav.HenrikAgain still wrong.. did you not read my last post. If you melt and buy back a ship with new funds it will have both the new purchase date and also allow it to be gifted.
  9. Zeabz

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    Technically that's not accurate.. We have the ability re-gift ships.. you just have to melt and buy back the package with new funds. Once re-purchased the package with then reflect new purchase date. On a side note.. While the M is still listed @ $1,000 thus allowing it to be still gifted. CIG has restricted the gifting of these ships now. I assume, If you really wanted to buy or sell one you should still be able to if you asked concierge support to help.
  10. Warbond. All listed ships are Original Concept yeah prices have come down a bit.. plus not trying to make money.. just want to break even
  11. updated prices and added stock. Everything is @ cost
  12. Zeabz

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    this image is technically missing the engines still.. but yes close the current design. just an FYI
  13. Zeabz

    RSI - Polaris - Corvette

    Lol.. You do realize you're comparing two ships that are in totally different classes. You could use the same analogy for Polaris vs a Connie. requires less crew, faster speed, both are not actual "carriers" but can carry a single ship, and what the connie is around 1/3 the price.. Personally I think the Polaris, While great to look at, is a waste. It basically a glorified Uboat. For its size and function (Corvette Uboat? it's obscured) it takes way to much crew/NPC, Torpedo's are slow and are going to be crazy expensive. Minus the Cap sensors, even the components seem sub par. Size M fuel tanks, and computers.. HAHAHAHAH.. shit is broken. Hopefully CIG comes out with variants that ditch the torpedo bay. Now a C&C polaris.. with C&C facilities, one large turret (S6? maybe Ion?), better computers, more fuel? in lieu of the the torpedo bay would be amazing.
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