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  1. The first time I saw one of these Empire Reports I was totally expecting to see a full like 10-15 min segment. I would definitely love to see them in a station lobby or maybe be able to tune into them when I'm close enough to a relay to get them in deep space.
  2. A friend was telling me about this game. Mind if i get a key?
  3. I own one and find it to be far superior to any HOTAS that i've owned before. Also the stick i was using right before was a Logitech 3D Pro which feels like a dull butter knife compared to the X55's surgical precision. At $200 i think its a bit overpriced, but there literally is nothing else in that price bracket that would be worth the buy. If you play any flight/space sims(DCS,War Thunder, Diaspora, IL etc...) you'll find the X55 has enough buttons to bind any and all actions..For ArCom so far i'm finding that all the buttons are in the right place and the stick is smooth and very responsive
  4. Oh hey I'd paint them if needed ... Just never been the best at it. Been looking high and low for the models in any form ... Id definitely still pick em up unpainted. I'm pretty sure I know the answer since you answered the banu mm question above that if it comes available the Retaliator is in the works as well? Needless to say keep up the good work and look forward to seeing your future works ....
  5. I'll take the whole set. And you say they will be colored?
  6. cerialkillir

    Ongoing Discussion Post Your Rig!

    Case: Raidmax Agusta CPU: Amd Fx-4350 4.532 ghz Motherboard: Asus M5A97 R2.0 Memory: G.Skill Ripjaw X series 16gb (2x8gb) 2133mhz Gpu: Sapphire R9 270x Toxic Edition (running catalyst beta 14.1 drivers) PSU: Apivia Iceberg 680w Monitors: Samsung 27" 1080 LED and Lg 25" 1080 LCD Preorder on Saitek X-55 Rhino Currently have a Logitech 3d Pro Mouse: Logitech G500 Keyboard: Tesoro Mechanical Cherry Mx Brown Meaning to add 16gb more ram, 1 more R9 270x toxic(crossfired), up the PSU to a solid 1kw and move my main OS and game files to an ssd Oculus Rift is in the future Lots of upgrades
  7. Well my name is a play on words Serial killer- Cereal Killer= i murder cereal.. If you want to find me in practically any game just look up Cerialkillir, i'm all over and I am always the only one who spells it that way. 1 fun fact well 2 in one about my name - "Cerialkillir" - "Emmanuel Goldstein AKA : Cereal Killer" was played my Matthew Lillard who in turn years later played as First Lieutenant Todd "Maniac" Marshall in the movie Wing Commander which was made by Chris Roberts whom we all know is making our beloved Star Citizen.
  8. Hey Keneji, i'm out here in Hawaii as well... I'm looking forward to seeing how many poeple i can find that are going to play star citizen from hawaii... personally ive got about 7 friends out here in the islands that will be playing... Most of them are either a part of Imperium or in the process of joining.
  9. Well back in The infancy of the internet, when i was in Elementary school(dial up days) our schools had the first T1 lines coming through to japan. As it was explained to us kids at the time the reason we had such fast internet in our schools was that it was a trade off to use Hawaii as a relay station from California to Japan stopping only in Hawaii to make a booster station of sorts to create a transpacific fiber optic cable network. Roadrunner home service started here when i was in 7th grad so 1996 or 97' roughly, but it was too spendy for my parent so we had AOhelL. Dont get me wrong dial
  10. Thank you all by the way, making me feel all warm and welcome:)
  11. Im working with 2 coconuts and ti-leaf Cat5 cabling... Nah working at an awesome rate they call it 20mb Turbo threw Time Warner/oceanic cable
  12. Well at 4:03 am the weather is well still, dark, humid and pleasant at least its got that going for it. I need to make it up to your neck of the woods someday.
  13. I tried. I find I love to talk but not about myself. Thanks and I'm glad to have found Imperium, it seems to fit me right. Look forward to seeing ya in the verse.
  14. Scotland.... Me and you are like one whole world apart(I'm in Hawaii if it doesn't say that somewhere). Hello i'm Cerialkillir and looking forward to the game. I see you have an Aurora as well, I cant wait to take the training wheels off mine. Well see ya round buddy.
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