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  1. I'm in a similar position. I have an ORION, STARFARER, Banu MM, HULL D and an Aurora LX (Game Package). I'm not sure about the HULL D though and if mass cargo Hauling fits type of playstyle. I also have 3 CCUs from HULL D - > Reclaimer, Endeavor, Crucible. I'm considering CCUing my HULL D to the Reclaimer because I Imagine Salvaging to be more profitable with lower running costs. What is your opinion?
  2. @GeraldEvans thanks for pointing this out But how im able to get the T&I Badge next to my name in the SCB Portal. It currently shows "Military". best regards Ex
  3. Im currently in the Military division but I would like to join T&I Division now. Where do I apply? ;D best regards Ex
  4. Ships are no longer sold! Pls close this thread @GeraldEvans best Regards Ex
  5. Account is no longer sold! Pls close this thread @GeraldEvans best regards Ex
  6. But only the CCU normal BMM in Store shows up as 297 $ for me or is this the added VAT?
  7. Selling LTI Ships from my account: MISC Starfarer - 300 $ Aegis Sabre CCU'd from F7C-M Super Hornet - 180 $ Prices are with PP fees included. If your interested im selling my whole account here aswell: best regards Ex
  8. Ah ah okay, I misunderstood that. I will update my post. I thought buyback means "non giftable but can still be melted". Thanks for clarifying this for me [emoji4] *edit* added the "real" buyback options now[emoji1]
  9. Melt value of all meltable items is 1025$. Vanguard and Banu MM alone are 500$ melt value. Best regards Ex
  10. Hello folks, Im selling my original/veteran backer account because I became a father in 2016 and i need a little bit of funds now ^^ Furthermore I wont have any time to play SC in the near future and I dont have the funds to invest into a new graphics card for my computer. First pledge was made in June 2013 so all rewards since the "RSI Class II Spacesuit" are available. I am selling only to serious buyers with verified and reputable paypal account. (preferably to an Imperium Member so this org can still benefit from it) NOTE: Im also selling the giftable Ships separately here: Included are: Giftable Items on the Account: MISC Starfarer LTI Aegis Sabre LTI CCU'd from F7C-M Superhornet LTI Non Giftable: Banu Merchantman LTI CCU'd from x85 x85 LTI Vanguard Warden - LTI + Sentinel Battlefield Upgrade Kit LTI + Harbinger Battlefield Upgrade Kit LTI Mustang Alpha Starter Package (3 Month) - SQ42 included Buyback token (available to use on many ships including) Aurora LX anniversary (3 years) Banu MM Anniversary (3 years) Aegis Dynamic Avenger Aurora LN LTI Origin 325a LTI Namechange Token Subcriber flair (just a few) Asking Price is 1200 $ paypal fees included I can provide screenshots of all items in the account to any serious buyer. Best regards Ex
  11. Thread can be closed, I've bought a CCU From SH to Sabre from Starhangar. Gesendet von meinem A0001 mit Tapatalk This made the whole selling process of the SH unnecessary Gesendet von meinem A0001 mit Tapatalk
  12. Hello, I'm selling my Super Hornet with Lifetime Insurance. Asking Price is 200$ paypal fees included. Only trading with verified paypal Accounts. I'm also willing to exchange it for a Sabre LTI. Pls pm me or leave a comment if interested. Best regards Ex
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