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  1. Hello Citizens, We are looking forward to meeting all of the facets of the players represented. I have humbly been elected to represent Malevolent Defiance in our interaction with the SCB, and I look forward to getting to know all of you. I come from a large player base, and also a tight knit team of few. I have found through my travels of games, being a leader, a support class, a peon, that it is the people and the experience that matters most. Not who has the most, or who talks @#$%. We focus on bringing our group close, and helping the majority accomplish our goals. Ego's aside; we have always been an elite group of traders, crafters, and spacers. Aside from playing styles, there is always a common goal. Everyone has life, families, jobs; but the most important thing is the time we spend together and what we accomplish. I look forward to getting to know all of you, and please if there is anything we can help with, please feel free to contact any of my crew or myself directly. Cram Corrigan Commanding Officer Malevolent Defiance info@malevolent-defiance.org
  2. Greetings citizens, We are an organization of mature players. A conglomeration of multiple clan/guilds. most of us have played together over the years. This is the opportunity that we have been waiting for to reunite all of us. Our mission: we are a prior military trader entrepreneurship. Our goal is simple. Be elite in the shipping lanes and keep our fleet in the absolute best shape we can. As a pledging member of PACT, we promise to assist in the same capacity you would expect to receive. Of course, more is to follow. We are all a year plus out for launch; however, we have a specific goal. We look for all walks of players. Our main player base is casual, but daily. We have roles for pilots, gunners, support, and officers. I look forward to bringing on additional players who want a home where teamwork, fellowship, and common goals make the difference. Our team and fleet is ever growing. Bringing players from all styles: FPS, Space Sims, MMO's to name a few. Importance comes from people you choose to play and spend your time with. We plan on an experience that is rewarding and challenging. We are not an organization that sits idle by, but yet in the forefront. Those who accept this challenge and wish for a team of mature, casual, focused, and elite players, please PM me. Best regards, Cram Corrigan Malevolent Defiance
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