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  1. LiTo lirar du fortfarande?

  2. I want to congratulate @GeraldEvans on your purchase of the Oculus. I tried to place an order on launch day but the web shop failed miserably on accepting credit cards. I own the first Devkit but I believe it is no longer supported on Windows 10. I haven't bothered trying to get it to run but now that I am reading your experience I might give it a try. Star Citizen and 2nd / 3rd generation Oculus Rift is a scary though.
  3. 115 million US is allot of benjamins... They have more then enough money to finish the game. At least finish Squadron 42. Congratulations are in order either way.
  4. I see. Well let us know when you do. The alpha client is what it is, it wont compare to a retail version when it comes to performance for quite some time. I am just curious to hear some ruff numbers. I am sitting on a GTX 780 in a 6 years old computer. I was planning to upgrade after summer. Haven't decided on the gfx card yet.
  5. Hey @SlickReed, What's your FPS like in Star Citizen 2.3? What resolution do you play at? You mentioned 21:9 do you have a 34" monitor? Cheers
  6. This is just a wild guess but I think they need more money....
  7. Existing EVGA GeForce GTX 780 SC ACX should do, otherwise whatever monster Nvidia is selling by the time the game goes piu piu
  8. The time has not been confirmed so they are only speculating. I as well hope they don't release it too late, but based on what happened during the new site launch I have taken the day off tomorrow :-) This will after-all become an historical date.
  9. 1 week delay is not that bad. Its just a hangar anyways.
  10. One of my few arguments for buying the Playstation 4 just went out the window. Impressive game I just hope it can deliver in the fun department.
  11. LiTo

    X Rebirth

    Thanks for posting this I missed it. There is something magical about space games. I am pretty excited as well.
  12. If your main focus is to fly solo I would go with a different ship then the Constellation. But it all depends on what you intend to do in the game as well. The Constellation has allot of upgrade slots which might come in handy if you intend to fulfill multiple roles. If you intend to focus on the combat oriented game play then the Hornet is probably a pretty good fit. I have a Constellation at the moment and a Aurora LX. I will replace the Aurora LX with the Hornet once the brochure is released.
  13. I lack the alternative "It depends on the resolution in the consumer version" option. There is no doubt that the level of immersion provided by the Oculus is unprecedented. If the image quality can be on pair with the one provided by standard flat-panels then the answer is without a doubt "Hell yes".
  14. I would recommend you to wait for the next version. The current dev-kit is fun and all but you need to be pretty darn hardcore to use it to play games for many hours straight. I bought the dev-kit not only because I was dead curious but also to promote the product among friends and support the project.
  15. LiTo

    the P52

    I don't know about you guys but that P52 will be transformed in a luxurious life boat. When does nasty pirates come and things go south, I will drop that P52 like a bomb and hide on an asteroid or something until help / rescue arrives
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