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  1. 2500FU's was the last hot tip of normal cargo space for the Starfarer... Variants and the "sale" of is coming... there was a cargo variant and the military variant mentioned in old wiki descriptions.
  2. @StarHawks Yep have a look at the grey box pics on page 6 of the thread and you can see it more clearly.
  3. Cool, thanks for sharing. If you're hauling food stuffs then I don't think it can be too clean, same for gas or fuels. You are correct about meaningful judgement though.
  4. @ PaulC2K KenOath "So really happy about having at least 2500 cargo for my Starfarer and whatever capacity we end up with for fuel, liquids and or cargo if the freight modules are swappable and not hull dependent ." PaulC2K "Thats not what they mention though, is it. They're simply saying the estimates they've provided are likely to see decent increases as they're cargo areas are fully modelled and put through their calculation methods." Glad you edited that before I had to explain it to you... Regards your comments about resizing and will any of it matter? Interesting perspective, but it matters to me as I don't agree with you. I highlighted an example of gross tonnage differences between the Freelancer and the Caterpillar as to what we were led to believe, so it matters from that perspective. That same perspective, perceives my investment in the game as that... an investment. Anyone who has played Freelancer, EVE online or knows how the real world works appreciates that the sooner you can afford to upgrade/ upsize your Hauler you have the opportunity for increased profits for your invested time. My time is valuable to me, so are expensive internet spaceships when you invest real time and money to buy something based on what you are led to believe. Will it make any difference in 50 years? No, I imagine I'll be dead long before I hit 95 years of age... does any of it really matter? No, maybe you're right after all.
  5. I was excited reading about the Reclaimer... it's tipped to have 2500 cargo units and 20k salvage capacity. I don't want one ATM TBH but this bit in particular got my attention... "Cargo Disclaimer: The Reclaimer is a big ship! Much of the internal volume is taken up with salvage machinery and storage for scrap metal. Nevertheless, it does have a large cargo hold which can be used for standard freight. We are currently in the process of taking proper in-engine measurements, and existing cargo numbers for older ships are likely to shift. Expect to see the cargo capacity of several ships increase as we move from ‘paper design’ to finding out what actually fits aboard the 3D models. The intent is for the Banu Merchantman, Hull C and Starfarer to have more ‘pure cargo’ space than the Reclaimer, followed by the Caterpillar and then the Freelancer MAX." https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/14171-Concept-Sale-Unveiling-The-Aegis-Reclaimer So really happy about having at least 2500 cargo for my Starfarer and whatever capacity we end up with for fuel, liquids and or cargo if the freight modules are swappable and not hull dependent . Short rant kinda off topic... When I pledged for these ships we had rough tonnages to go off... and the Catterpillar was touted as the Freelancers evil twin. What a bum steer that turned out to be! Freelancer having some paltry amount 168 FU's and the Caterpillar having 3600 FU's. I liked the Catterpillar but not the asymetrical design and side car cockpit is fail for a freight / loot/ salvage vehicle IMO. Though I wold have bought one if I had known about the huge difference in cargo capacity. Anyhoo now I'm not so pissed off about it, knowing that the Starfarer at least will have some capacity. I still think CIG should offer the Caterpillar again with LTI as we were given some major misinformation.
  6. I hope the cockpit/bridge ends up with excellent visibility, piloting something that big you need it! Regards the screen projector for cock pit view, not a bad idea if you had shutters or armor deploy for re entry, combat or what ever... but to replace it would just kill the romance of being in space. Imagine being on the space shuttle and not being able to look out the window... "I went outside today and the graphics sux.." Kids these days I guess
  7. @ZanCaelo... The other thing most people miss is the weight difference (89T Retaliator -75T Connie)... couple that with more powerful maneuvering thrusters and the huge number of extra module slots .. the Connie is probably the better overall general hauler. The Retaliator is based on the "Flying Fortress" style of bomber hence the huge number of guns. It will handle like the kitchen table in comparison, but it should be relatively fast like most bombers. It certainly wont be a ship to be trifled with. It's all speculation 'till we go live... It is still way more better looking than the Connie IMO.
  8. Damn I want one of these! If I don't melt my Starfarer for one today, I'll get one in game later. Torn.... Meh... I melted my Freelancer package for the Connie' package instead. I'll hang onto the Starfarer for the moment and get the Retaliator ingame... besides you guys are going to need someone to help with the refueling
  9. Very interesting point, Chairman Roberts is going for realism/immersion ... so I kinda hope its based on both Weight and Volume without being a complicated equation. Dr Who had a Tardis, some dude had a shrink ray and EvE had plank generators (not to mention the Silly EvE Fairy that went aboot waving the magic wand and "poof" the smallest Mining Barge suddenly had more cargo/ore hold space than the Hulk and tanked like a battleship). Keeping it real man... that's what matters.
  10. I keep looking at the Freelancer and Colonel packages as well... got a Freelancer to start with, but already wanting the Constellation package upgrade. Torn between keeping the Freelancer and getting the Starfarer and Digital Bounty Hunter or upgrading to the Constellation and getting the Colonel... I don't want to pre buy all my ships... but I do want LTI on my main boats.
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