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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Heradon

    Hey there!

    Hi mate welcome to SCB.
  3. Hey, welcome to Star Citizen Base
  4. Because driving the buggy is all we can do right now, except staring at our ship or stare at the wall inside the hangar.
  5. I don't want to be an ass, but I think it has been confirmed earlier But this might confirm we will have it early on since it's shown in the PP presentation Chris Robert also stated that they had a surprise for us when releasing the hangar module. Maybe it's the buggy?
  6. It depends on how good the NPC's will be. Hopefully they won't let us hire NPC's that are better than players.
  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. Not true. Things they are revealing now is stuff that are intended to be at release. If they added new content all the time, they would never be able to get this things done at release date. Stretch goals = revealing stuff that is intended to be at release. Therefore I don't understand why they do it this way, I knew we would have escort carrier at 13mil mark. And now I know that battlecruiser's will be in game.
  9. I don't understand why those ship types is even with the million goals. They don't reveal any art or pics and we already know it will be in game.
  10. There is always corrupt people. The game will definitely be more interesting if someone are smuggling. You don't neccasary have to be a bad guy because you are smuggling. Just think about Han Solo in Star Wars. He helps the good guys but do have a criminal background. But if you are in the game you have to take the risk with it. If I get a bounty on you I will catch you, If you don't bribe me
  11. Starfarer - ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney Retaliator - Heart Of Darkness When I get a bigger ship I will paint it red and name it Red Dwarf
  12. Well in Star Wars Galaxies you had to pick up a BountyHunter Mission on the terminals, then leave the city, deploy a Probe Droid, which will figure out which planet the target are, when you got to the planet where the target are located, you had to place out a Seeker Droid that will track down your guy and update you every 30 sec with a waypoint where the guy is. It will probably work something similar in SC as well. One question? Is it illegal to do piracy against bounty hunters? I mean what if Stoff and me have an agreement where I put bounty on Stoff. While we are waiting for bounty hunter to find Stoff I'm waiting nearby. So when the bounty hunter appears, both Stoff and me jumps on the bounty hunter and steals from him.
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