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  1. Aethernaut

    Name that ship!

    I'm thinking of stealing a few of the culture ship names like Elon Musk did.. Just Read The Instructions.. or No More Mister Nice Guy
  2. Aethernaut

    Questions about ships with LTI that are gifted.

    I take it you already have a game package too?
  3. Aethernaut

    Favorite control input?

    I want to go with a Left Hand Joystick and Right Hand Mouse but I cant seem to get it to work. If there is a way to do this would someone be kind enough to enlighten me?
  4. Aethernaut

    Banu Merchantman

    I had the same thought. Those VTOL engines could be the deal breaker and grant extra profit from selling cargo planetside.
  5. Aethernaut

    Banu Merchantman

    I have a Freelancer too, I'm considering melting it and the Super Hornet to pay for the BMM. I'm wondering how different the profit margins could be...
  6. Aethernaut

    Banu Merchantman

    I'm seriously considering melting a few single seater ships to get this. I've tried combat in my superhornet and it really doesnt suit me. I'm now looking toward trading or mining and the BMM has a huge cargo hold at a reasonable price. Does anyone have the same thoughts or is it just me?
  7. Aethernaut

    Ongoing Discussion Elgato Stream Deck

    Why a physical device? Why not run an app on your (insert generic touch screen device here) with the same layout and functions? It would be awesome to run in-game concurrent to raise/lower landing gear, or switch on outside lights, tractor beam, etc, etc
  8. Aethernaut

    hello from greece

    Kalispera! I think thats how its spelt
  9. Aethernaut

    Need some quick help

  10. Star Pokemon - - - Gotta Buy Them All!

  11. Just my 2 cents worth and forgive me if anyone has already posted something along these lines but... not only will we have to earn the spondoolies to buy the ships, but the ships will take time to be 'built', as will the engines, as will the power plant, etc, etc, etc. Obviously the AI will try to keep stock levels high at all mainline shipbuilders but ships & parts roll off a production line at a certain rate. These parts and hull will all need materials, workers, 2nd tier supplies at the stations they are being built at, and some materials may be rarer than others, especially when it comes to the bigger ships. This may inflate prices and decrease availability, especially if a big player-base corp monopolises said rare materials. nudge nudge wink wink
  12. Aethernaut

    Free Game! Dragonage Origins.

    https://www.origin.com/en-gb/store/free-games/on-the-house For those who missed it first time round.
  13. Aethernaut

    Shit just got real in Hong Kong

    Stay safe Chimaera!
  14. Aethernaut

    Build help building a rig for sc on a tight budget

    Also look into researching your local Internet Service Providers. A fast, stable, low ping will also help you when multiplayer dogfighting.
  15. Aethernaut

    Build help building a rig for sc on a tight budget

    I don't see the point in buying or building a pc at this moment in time, unless you can't play AC. I would save that money and maybe try add to it little by little each month and wait until the day before they release Sq.42. The prices you're paying now will probably get you a much better system in 2015.