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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Looks like meat is back on the menu, boys! Just kidding. Welcome!
  3. Great game. Had a couple of months of good fun with this. It's kind of like MInecraft meets DayZ. Very addictive and rewarding. Grown a bit tired of it at this point, but it's well worth it's money. I remember the first couple of times I played this were véry intense. All alone at night trying to not make a sound before hordes of zombies came tearing my house down
  4. Yeah same here. At first I wanted an OR, but I think that might be more of a hinderance with regards to keyboard+mouse gaming, which I prefer. So I think TrackIR might be a better alternative. Not to say I won't by an OR later on, but that's more for virtual learning, first person experiences, and... well porn, obviously
  5. DeMoN

    Feedback Wanted 4k Screen question.

    I recently bought the Sasmsung 28" LU28D596DS and I love that one. Only cost 600 euros now. Max resolution I think is 3840x2160, and indeed, that does get a bit laggy on my current, one year old system. But I'm sure once I upgrade that'll be a thing of the past. What I do now is use 2560x1440 to avoid those issues, and to be honest I prefer that resolution anyway. 3840x2160 windows is too small for a 28" monitor. Either way, things look amázing. Very pleased with it
  6. Are you playing with a joystick? Because with keyboard and mouse I can't fly for shit. Rather frustrating
  7. If I were you I'd submit that model to Shapeways.com and get it done properly and in high detailed plastic. Because no offence, but that blue thing looks like a really low resolution waste of money. I'm sure you can do better. Hell. Even the regular plastic on Shapeways would come out better than that.
  8. Sounds very promising. We should also advertise this on the RSI website at some point. Although I'm pretty sure CIG will also try to internalize a large part of the competitive e-sports gameplay to maintain control. I'd prefer to see it like in games like Counterstrike where the community has the freedom to take over and keep it alive and free.
  9. Ahh crap, now I have to wait untill the evening before I can play... damn you CIG! Why doth thou torment me so!
  10. Thought about that myself, but I'm a bit too far along to make such a large scale change at this point That scene consists of several rendered images with different materials/lighting, but the main one that took me an entire night to render is the one with both the topleft light and the lower red which I increased in photoshop. And basically the entire 2gb photoshop file is based on that render. So unless I redo the entire thing, that's not going anywhere I can always photoshop out part of the top light, but that won't change how the light falls on the logo.
  11. What, don't you have enough games to play in the meantime?
  12. The entire process might be a bit much, but is there a specific step you are interested in? Here's another update. - Added flames - Added ember spars - Made a couple of new material renders to blend with the current one to gain more detail and look better - Massive color tweaks etc. And added some subtle post-fx What do you guys think? (click for high-res view)
  13. Still sucks though. I hope the new show isn't too "professional". Wingman's hangar was cool.
  14. @~VEGAS~ That was a great suggestion. I'm liking where this is heading:
  15. Haha yeah, I suppose that's where the name comes from ... I should use that video for propaganda purposes Ooh that's actually a great idea. Thanks! I'll definitely give that a shot Thanks man! Well it depends on what you're trying to make really. You can get a long way with just the basics of Zbrush, but you can go really far with it. It's one of the major 3D software tools that's used i the game and movie industries nowadays. Suffice it to say, it's pretty badass ;-) I've been messing around with it on and off for a couple of years now, and it's constantly evolving. But what I like about it the most is how it feels much more natural to create a model than 3dsmax or maya for example. It's notable that traditional sculpters etc love zbrush. But it's definitely more fun to learn than 3ds max. So there's that. And there are tons of tutorials on youtube or training dvd's on the net If you're interested, just look up training dvd's by Scott Spencer. He usually covers zbrush from basic to advanced.
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