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  1. Ok RSI you got me. 16€ and some credits for the sexy Avenger ... just take my money luckily with LTI
  2. Yay. Just melted my Hornet-Ghost for a 350R .... probably gonna regret it ... probably not ... hmm
  3. Maybe I'm gonna melt my f7c-s (+aurora?) for the limited freelancer (if there is one). I'd really like to have a cargo/exploration/merc ship in adition to my superhornet and cutlass ... but I'm still undecided
  4. F7C-M, F7C-S, Cutlass and Aurora ...that's it then for me. No more ships for real money ... I promise myself ... have to My wallet is stretched enough already. Now it's Chris' turn. Prove my money was good invested
  5. wwaahhh upgrading my hornet for super and thinking about buying a stealth version (melting my avenger)
  6. And there goes my Avenger ... helloooo Black Mamba
  7. love it! + the "pirate" hangar .... that's why I bought the ship
  8. does anyone know what the differences between the aegis avenger and the aegis advanced hunter are? or is the current picture just a placeholder and it's a complete different ship?
  9. 28? Gonna buy one today after work then
  10. How in the world did I miss that... fu...ing awesome. I'm angry and happy at the same time now....
  11. If Mantle succeeds and is supported in SC ... AMD GPU + CPU here I come ;D
  12. Hmmm. Sounds interesting. Kinda agree with LightMonk though.
  13. Can you feel the thunder inside? Saberrrr Riiiideeeeerrr...... Colt would be jelaous
  14. Makes sense to me. Thanks for the clarification. Oh and I like the idea that you have to wait for your lost ship to be re-produced!
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