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  1. I would like to get a caterpillar pirate edition. I am willing to trade with some combination of : caterpillar (regular) LTI retaliator bomber LTI khartu al LTI vanguard LTI 350R LTI Let me know. Thanks, -scheherazade
  2. Paypal transactions can be reversed. CIG gifts can not be reversed. The risk is on my side regardless. I am patient, and not a gambler. As such, I must wait for established users to make an offer. Thank you. -scheherazade
  3. The price is $400. However, you have insufficient trader feedback for me to risk sending you a ship. My apologies. -scheherazade
  4. I am reducing my stuff to 1 package per account, and only a couple spare ships or so per account. I will send ship/package first. Then expect payment. Because of me making the first move, I will only sell to long term forum members with a substantial good rating. "Expensive" ships ($200+) I will only risk selling to long term Imperium members with substantial good rating... unless the buyer has a crazy high rating. I will only sell with both of us on voice chat, and my screen and sound recorded from my side (via gopro) as proof that I sent the item. Dis
  5. Please take notice of the OP text indicating that items for sale are marked with (FS). By process of elimination, items not marked with (FS) are not for sale - yet (if ever). I am not looking for trades at this time. Thanks. -scheherazade
  6. Hello, I'm clearing out some ships to make cash to offset some recent car expenditures. I'm including a list of my ships. The items for sale are marked with (FS). The items I'm keeping are simply named and not marked. Default prices are "RSI most recent price" + 10% + any PP fees. (Unless specified, in which case it's : specified price + PP fees) https://www.reddit.com/r/Baragoon/comments/2jrafw/official_star_citizen_price_list/ Album with pics : http://imgur.com/a/xi30d Everything is LTI (Glaive and Xian don't show LTI, even though both were later announced to be LTI) Here's my list,
  7. Medium fighter, actually. It's also bigger than the Hornet. -scheherazade
  8. I agree. The guns are pretty much trash right now. The S1s have S1 DPS, but have speed (800 m/s) like an NN13 (750m/s - godawful). One S5 has DPS in between S1 and S2, and has ~850 speed IIRC (still godawful). The other S5 has DPS between S2 and S3, and has shockingly terribad speed (480m/s). It's basically armed with the equivalent of 2x S1 and 2x S2, with 1/3 to 1/2 the projectile speed of 'normal' guns. Absolute junk. Oh, and the pips are miles apart from one another. So you can only really hit with either the S1's alone, or the S1s+the faster and crap DPS S5, or just the one lone super s
  9. You need this : https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/check4change/ Highlight the text that says 'out of stock' (or whatever it is), and set the check4change timer to 15 seconds or something. Then it'll play a tune when it changes, and you can hit buy right away. -scheherazade
  10. I don't think these comments are as disparaging as people think. Folks simply make fun of their situation in life. Those kinds of statements are absilutely common about this industry - because those conditions are absolutely common. It's the nature of game development. You gotta read them through the eyes of a developer, not as a lay person. I personally know a few game devs, and they (and many private sector non-game devs) all have the same story. When they talk about shit hours, and their buddies are like "yeah, sucks a bag of D", it's not like they're saying anything the others don'
  11. The stretch goals are cheap low hanging fruit features. They bring in much more in funding than they cost to implement. Eg if it costs less than a million to implement, then it's worth making a stretch goal, as it only contributes to funding and paying for the overall project. There's no need to argue, really. If you really believe that all that is needed is already funded, then you're welcome to explain to me how : 58 million - (what's already spent) >= 280 engineers/artists * 2 years * "yearly salary" Because that has to work out in order for 'the money we have now' to get u
  12. You're missing the point. PU relase is slated for 2 years from now. That means 280 people have to be paid for 2 years - and assuming they are paid industry standard, that figure is large. The nature of the goals (stretch, or core, or whatever), does not change the tentative release timeframe of 1.0, nor the quantity of employees. Something has to give for things to add up. More money, less employees, shorter timeframe, or a combination of any/all 3. Asking for more recruitment is tacking things from the 'more money' side, which I think is the best course of action. Obv
  13. 280 engineers and CG artists for 2 years is a good chunk of change (on the order 40 million in pre-tax salary). It's very likely they don't work for mcdonalds money. Just sayin' . -scheherazade
  14. All that money is good for maybe 5x 30 second tv spots. Donations grow faster than the subscriber count - meaning that most of the money stream is coming from existing donors donating more. People have limits, and at some point will not donate more. They need fresh blood. Do the math, 280 employees, making say 75k/year, is around 60 million dollars in 3 years. Factor in overhead, and it's a good bit less than 3 years of labor, probably closer to 2 years operation. Had they had all those employees from day1, they'd be just about breaking even today with that 58 million. They nee
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