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  1. Not that many will remember Mork Calling Orson but for me nanoo has become a bit of an online intergalactic callsign, guess I spent way too much time playing games... (FYI Nanoo is a greeting from an old 70's sitcom featuring Robin Williams) Gaming history: late 80's Elite, amongst other 8bit games, Freelancer, Oolite (shareware version of Elite) Starwars was always fun in an X-Wing or Tie-fighter. Many others too. And most recently another MMO which I wont mention. Now to make one more post so I can post/edit my sign.
  2. Lets hope its still available, I asked in the updates an announcements thread hoping that a mod would repsond with a definate answer, no disrespect but I have been waiting all month for payday to make a pledge as I fancy a spin in the Freelancer... And a few barrel rolls...
  3. Quote "All packages currently available to you will still be available when the Roberts Space Industries Prime site launches on Friday" Does that mean that LTI ships will be available tomorrow (28.06.13)?
  4. Guess I missed out on the LTI offer as they were only available before the 28th of this month... Recently been playing oolite which is a more updated of Brabens Elite for those that remember, awesome Sinlgplayer Shareware game which brought back many a fond memory for me. I hope SC does the same and much more considering current development. I was a tad upset when I couldnt take my 100hrs of game play from the Freelancer single player onto an online server but I guess that could have been a tad unfair in some respects. So am looking to pick up where FL an Elite left off and yh am an old pirate from the 8 bit era so hi to all those that ever used an 8 bit machine!!
  5. Errrm, yh just got payed wanted to pledge for a freelancer ship with LTI.. LTI Was advertised as available for all pledges made before the 28th? Used to play Freelancer years ago so am looking forwards to SC. anyone got a link where I can pledge??
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