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  1. Fuzzy dice maybe. Bobble heads are silly. Cheapening the experience a bit? And if they do add that, expect my cockpit to be full of them anyways
  2. Ok I found myself and clicked myself by adding /members to the URL. After logging in. http://www.robertsspaceindustries.com/members/ That placed me in th control panel as well, but I don't see anything confirming my pledge. Maybe that'll be up later. Sweet.
  3. The only thing with WCIV was I felt the space combat wasn't as engaging. I was such a nut for WC 1 and 2 though, maybe a product of that, was majorly different in WCIV. It just felt a bit out of my hands or something, hard to explain it. WCIII was a go-between the two. The story was stellar however in both. Privateer was great, never did play Privateer 2 - recently picked it up, trying to get my older dual boot XP rig to run it. Just ordered Freelancer since I never played that and hear many ppl talking about it around these parts. Dabbled in the non-roberts Freespace 2 but haven't dabbled much. Downloaded the graphics overhaul though. I still remember the first time loading WCIII and seeing the DOLBY "Train" and the opening sequence. First thing I said "My Gosh, what did they do? And how?" Ah, when FMV was still in it's infancy in games
  4. Much like a racing wheel for a car racing sim, need a stick man! We've come a long ways from the Thrustmaster FCS F16 kit...I think any decent stick with a POV hat and plenty of buttons will be more than adequate. The rest just adds gravy. And who doesn't like gravy
  5. I remember each iteration of SC meant a system upgrade, especially WC III: Heart of the Tiger -Are they trying to keep this more accessible for the masses (Like SW: TOR did) or cutting edge tech like when CRYSIS (or WC III) Came out? (I'm glad I finally have the means for the latter if necessary. Plus I won't have to tweak my autoexec.bat and config.sys files to make it run....
  6. If I'm not mistaken....Chris had an idea and went to Lucasarts about making an x-wing based space sim/story based game and they said no. Then he made Wing Commander. That's how I remember it at least, and I am by no means an expert! If it is the case - I am so glad this happened. I've always gravitated to WC despite my enjoyment of Star Wars and the SW universe. Something never really clicked well with me for X-Wing and the XW vs TF franchises. WC, it's story mostly, learning to appreciate and care about the characters on the Tiger's Claw, trying to top the kill board against the NPC's, the mission briefings...it just had so much more polish to it and flowed properly. Throw in Privateer. My gosh, the music is playing in my head right now. I can still see the Oxford wooden rooms and hear that music. The righteous fire add-on added even more. Then Suddenly Mark Hamill is Blair and is in the middle of things, bridging the gaps between the two fanchises! SW meets WC! I think Chris worked on SW Galaxies later on, finally working with Lucasarts? I'm digging back in my memories a bit now. If you are familiar with WC and Privateer, what Star Citizen reminds me of so far, based on the limited exposure (24 hours worth) I have, is a synthesis of his ideas on WC (the carriers, the military/human faction, the stories) and Privateer (which was - A story, in that universe, but now it's the WHOLE UNIVERSE of WC in Privateer - go anywhere, sell cargo/upgrade ship, make money by missions on the side or by being a merchant or mercenary, while following a story arc - the first sandbox game in my opinion was Privateer - a sandbox space sim though!) -- Star Citizen appears to have both. You have the story and the military but also the rest of it, and the whole universe with multiple real people playing and shaping it. Maybe that's what Chris means when he says the tech wasn't there for what he wanted to do when he left the space sim industry -- he couldn't make that online all encompassing game of Privateer meets Wing Commander. That's my take. I'm rambling
  7. Yes I pledged and it says my account that I created before pledging is inactive so I don't know if I can link or not now? I guess I'll try to be patient, it's hard when you are so excited!
  8. just did Vice Admiral pledge yesterday (Although the title of the pledge "the Man" I'm not so sure about lol). I'm super stoked. Such a significant aspect of my teenage years was the Wing Commander universe - it was during my rather formative years afterall! I'm super stoked to have the opportunity to see Roberts in action again. Thank you for returning!
  9. Just pledged yay!

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