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  1. I've sold all my ships aside from my retaliator recently. Also yes you can in fact Gift the Idris P it's just a little harder as there is a work around, but you can 100% gift the Idris P to another account. 1
  2. Unfortunately I'm going to have to use these for their value on the grey market to help my trade so I can't part with them for anything else.
  3. Looking to get a Idris M, will trade my Rear Admiral pack+Retaliator+Banu Merch+cash
  4. I think he meant like say you have a ship I wanted to test, and I have one you wanted to test. As guild mates and trusted people we could have just gifted the ships to each other to use for a while and then gift back to the original owner, now that option is eliminated and since we don't know the ingame mechanics on this it may now not be possible for people with multiple ships to lend them to others who don't have any.
  5. looks more realistic than the last timeline. Glad to see they are actually at the development point where they can realistically understand what they can do in what time periods now. It was impossible for them to make the game they wanted with an early 2015 release without sacrificing quality. And the last thing this game needs that so many of us have put money into developing is a bad launch.
  6. They can try raise the prices all they want but if people are not willing to pay them then the prices will have to choice but to drop down and down until they find a level where people will start to purchase them. I predict we will see ludicrous price increases on the grey market over the next month followed by big drops as its better to sell 10 ships at 200$ then 1 ship at 500$
  7. This is great news goodbye stupid grey market where a few greedy people screw over new players trying to make a big profit. At the same time sucks for people trying to find ships they can't get in the future but I'd say this change is for the best. It will stop the grey market and more money will go back into the game/development.
  8. lol I was just searching around and stumbled on it randomly. If it's the Bengal Carrier you are having trouble finding just find that huge independence day ship near the bottom left and look above the right side of it and you should find the tiny tiny bengal carrier. Really gives a scale to how tiny we will be in all our ships ahah
  9. Found this image and it looks really cool, you can see the Bengal class above the ship from independence day near the bottom left.
  10. As title says I'm looking to trade my Super Hornet LTI and the Military skin upgrade for a retaliator. Seeing as complete, locked by Danredda. PM if you need it opened.
  11. OP your build on the previous page is almost exactly the same as my current build and I can tell you it is very good. The only different thing we have is the Mobo and the different 780ti model( Many will tell you to go with the ACX type but I just stuck with the regular version that shares the body of the Titan and after doing my benchmark tests I can tell you that even maxed out the temp's are not bad at all. It was a good 16 degrees Celsius cooler than the tests I ran on my 7990 tho the 7990 did outperform it. If you have the money and want the best to last you a long while stick with the build you have and don't downgrade the CPU etc...It's not to much more expensive and since you are already spending so much why not just spend a slight bit more to last you longer if you can afford it.
  12. Pick up pieces of your new PC as you find good deals throughout the year. Lots of people caution to wait etc... but what I would do and did do myself is build a PC top range that you can afford right now on paper, and then since there is no rush just buy parts as you find them discounted on good sales throughout the year. For myself for example I found an MSI 7990 GPU for 300$ new in box discounted from the regular $1500 price tag because companies were trying to get rid of them with all the speculation about the R290X cards way before they were released. I can tell you now with confidence as well that my current PC can and will run Star Citizen on max settings with ease so don't worry about all the rumors saying you need like 4x 780ti SLI etc... its just a bunch of crap and any top tier PC right now will be able to handle Star Citizen on Max settings because the technology and engines to build it are being used on this tech right now.
  13. Ahh yes I have played these in the past but my friends had to talk me through everything.
  14. Praeturus


    As a pats fan I don't want Denver to win(lol) but after seeing that guy in the seahawks the other week talk smack I hope Denver wins.
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