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  1. I'm away in Switzerland with work im afraid
  2. Lewis Hamilton all the way!!! Have to say i've lost a lot of interest since the big car changes though.
  3. 48 seconds in and Gerrard is out... Silly Boy

  4. I can vouch for the Corsair Carbide Air 540, looks a treat and the airflow is just fantastic. I run it with BeQuiet! silent fans & cpu cooler as well as an Asus strix GTX 970 which runs passive most of the time and my temps rarely go above 60c.
  5. @Nevermore Well my card is OC'd past the ASUS factory OC and its 'only' on 1080p i'll admit that but it is running on the "ultra" pre-set in game, however i use Nvidia's TAXX for AA and HBAO+ for AO (very little difference really). I don't see why a GTX 970 shouldn't run it even on stock. @rain2reign I agree with the larger risk of problems with 1080p+ gaming, and i did have to watch what settings i was using in Shadow of mordor, but that was a notoriously VRAM heavy game. EDIT: and has been optimised some what since release However i don't know where you got you're info from about the 500mb not being "usable", most good review sites state that its just a large reduction of memory bandwidth (150gb/s down to as low as 20gb/s) after 3.3GB of VRAM is used. Unless I've misunderstood something here?
  6. I've got an Asus GTX 970 and i seriously dont know that all the nonsense is about, 3.5GB that works at full speed and 500mb that works at a lower speed because of an engineering fault, thats it. No biggie. Still has 4GB that CAN be used. FC4, AC:U, BF4, BF:HL all work on ultra settings @1080p with no problems for me. Further more the serious problems of performance drops seem to be hard to replicate and i suspect it only happens on cheaper cards with cheap RAM modules. Yeah it was a bit of a PR mess up though ill give you that.
  7. azza1991

    H1Z1 map

    http://www.h1z1db.co.uk/map/ EDIT: if you type /loc into the chat ingame then copy and paste the co-ordinates into the map it will show you where you are (can be a little off sometimes though)
  8. I've got a 970 OC'd to 980 clocks and it still gets toasty in SC. It's as Chimaera said; in alpha therefore poorly optimised. Also bare in mind that this is for a game not due for a while now, so its inevitably going put a lot more strain on older cards when it comes out because new gen cards from both green and red will have come out again by release.
  9. Ooo count me in please sir!! And grats on 1k posts!
  10. Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy Babel fish maybe?
    1. azza1991


      Even though I have a 970 its still funny!

    2. Marsten


      For the record, he is semi-famous comedian from Spain, and even I'm from Spain too I barely understand him

  11. The shooting down of the EVE fool was the best bit! Surprisingly well put argument for everything too!
  12. Might actually be working in Manchester with work for several months around that time too! Whoop! Its also where im from so don't have to spend money on a hotel I can stay with family, double whoop
  13. Does it say the same thing when you try to log into the RSI site? If so then you might be spelling them wrong, if you can with the same credentials then request a support ticket on the RSI site.
  14. Damn it don't tease me @Byronyk, I've only just started to download it!
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