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  1. deardevil


  2. deardevil

    Ship Comparison chart

    good staff!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. byronyk you are the man....!!!!! greta work man
  4. deardevil

    My planned control device setup for DFM

    i have a saitek p-52 pro/...but i always wanted a warthog....how much did you find it...and were? thanks in advance m8
  5. deardevil

    Retaliator Size Confirmed

    mmm.. i love more and more my talli
  6. deardevil

    The Next Great Starship Episode 7

    i voted for 3Dingo
  7. deardevil

    Destroyer, Javelin-class

    i remember that to ...but thinks always change ...so maybe ...... if thewy do dicide to put them in the market i defenitly want one.. the ships of Vanduuls will be always bigger....cause Vanduuls are almost double the size of humans... if we compare the hornet with the scythe ..22.5 for the hornet ..28.7 for the scythe...all ships will be bigger than ours.
  8. deardevil

    Xi'an Scout - Khartu-al (export model)

    I believe so to
  9. deardevil

    A hidden ship, a clue or a surprise???!!!

    i see that to... i dont think they show it to us..just for fun... something is coming.........
  10. deardevil

    Freelancer Variants in Patch 11 Files. Release soon?

    i have the same thouts my friend...i may take the max... cause i defenitly wait for the Carrack
  11. deardevil

    Freelancer variant speculation

    i like max to ....my wallet is ready....lol dur ..not ...i wait for the Anvil carrack
  12. deardevil

    Freelancer Variants in Patch 11 Files. Release soon?

    Max is a beast.... i am gonna see my wallet empty again ...ouchh
  13. deardevil

    Gia sas, from Hellas!

    welcome to all the Greeks... and i thout i whas alone .....hehe