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  1. Electric chinese batman.... so appropriate
  2. what is that from..... i need this
  3. Light... I can't even, I went full white girl
  4. lol, 'its dangerous to fap alone' oh jesus
  5. im typing this during the intro to the first ep of madoka magica, so all ive seen is the pink haired girl making a pact with the cat thing, who i assume is satan.... I am questioning my life choices. I will keep you all updated on my feelings towards this anime as i watch to reduce spam im just gonna keep editing this post: finished e1, idgaf kyubey is satan. i have decided, he is too.... deus'ish (mirrai nikki) also blue hair is a baller, has no idea whats going on, she doesn't ask questions just goes to town on hemura with a fire extinguisher: she shot first, blue hair is forever known in my mind as han solo. E2: mami: flintlocks for days..... E3: ...what the fuck guys.... like..... jesus
  6. too late...... for all of them... omg what am i doing with my life...
  7. welp, you all watch more anime than i do... Genenis, i watched that yandere video.... you need jesus /s (/s is the sarcasm modifier) I just finished zetsuen no tempest, I enjoyed it. although the second half seemed rushed. I do have to say though, skeletons don't work that way
  8. remakes or dubs? cause as far as english dubs go highschool dxd has great PLOT and a pretty good plot with excellent english voice acting
  9. dammit.... its too late, the damage is done
  10. netflix's series knights of sidonia is worth a watch through, if you can stand the writing style, deadman wonderland, ghost in the shell arise, the irregular at magic high, i've heard magi is good but not my cup, spice and wolf, eureka 7, deathnote, gurren lagann, fate zero/stay, fma/brotherhoods, HARLOCK SPACE PIRATE (new movie, fucking awesome), psycho pass, hunter x hunter, attack on titan, kill la kill, blue exorcist, soul eater, ouran host, black butler, fairy tail, devil is a part timer all on netflix, but first you should watch house of cards, not anime but kevin spacey awesomness
  11. sorry, i meant the link after the vid edit: although gay sailor moon could apply to some of klk....
  12. was that gay sailor moon?
  13. for non action i preferred mushi shi to spice
  14. look at the middle's face.... he is so fucking smug; like: "Bitch I know I look good, you take that picture."
  15. steins gate.... the best, you get to the end and your brain is all like:dafuq
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