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    Explorer and Bounty Hunter
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    Currently have a freelancer planning to obtain a 325a
  1. New RSI Site Preview (updated with live demo)

    I was not able to find the ship viewer, hope they will implement it.
  2. Ship line up in New website

    That does make a difference thanks. I have a question I am now planning on puchasing a 300i I was thinking that I would be able to swap in and out modules to convert back and forth from 300i to 315 to 325 engine models? I will have to look up the difference of each model looking to find the link. maybe swap out HP modules? Found Brochure Looks like 325a for bounty hunting and pvp.
  3. Question regarding crafting

    from: OK, some more confirmed info coming from the live stream! This is all directly from Chris Roberts (thanks to Super D for asking these questions, and Chris for answering)... "Owning a factory is the equivalent of crafting." Factory owners can hire players or NPCs to fill any role, i.e. hauling or security. When hiring employees, you can either provide ships for each purpose or hire employees with their own ships. NPC employee wages are based on their quality level. Player employee quality is rated by the employer, and the employer is rated by the employee. Ships are also manufactured at production nodes, which are player-ownable, with the probable exception of Capital ships. We will not be able to 'invent' new items, but we will be able to upgrade factory equipment to create items with different levels of quality. Mining will be skill-based; if you don't do it the right way (example: targeting an ore vein with a laser), there is a chance the asteroid will be destroyed along with any ore. Please post your economy-related questions here, hopefully we can get some more details from the live stream. Edit: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/community/forums#/discussion/comment/362557
  4. If my character die....

    If my character dies would my next character have to apply to get in Imperium? I am assume that my next character would have to apply because he/she is a new creation. Or would this be an opportunity to join another corporation or to try the darkside? How many of our descendants would be loyal to the Imperium? For me not sure in real life I do not expect my daugther/son to follow my foot steps <I know, I know my next character is still me> Just making conversation.
  5. Just Found the Game

    Nice meeting you USAF vet myself, worked on the warning radar systems (ECM) of the F-111s and F-15 when they were around I just dated myself. Welcome. Discover SC a month ago, did not hear of WC, Freelancer and such until recently have been looking for a game as such since I started gaming 3 years ago. o7
  6. Ship line up in New website

    I will be purchasing Starfarer, I plan to limit myself to only purchasing only 3 ship before full game got: Freelancer (exploring/hauling goods) getting: Avenger (bounty hunting) EDIT: 325a next: Starfarer (hauling fuel/mining) wondering what a mining ship would look like. oh decisions, decisions.
  7. If I get one Welcome, no limit or particular role the ships can have, Caterpillar can be used for bounty hunting (my plans), exploring (may not be as efficient as the freelancer but can be done), I am guessing depends on the types of modules can be fitted. Welcome aboard!
  8. no not yet, not sure what I want to do. Thinking of starting with the basic and once in game work to get the addons and upgrades, I am sure by then new stuff will be on the market. But now I want to purchase the Starfarer, I like the ideal of owning a support ship. Because I am a student and my payday is first of the month, I hope supply of ships are not limited. Looking forward to the event my laptop will be ruuning the whole 24 hours. Of course I will be watching off and on. Will anyone be on TS3, I will drop in from time to time!!!!
  9. Greetings all

  10. in s. cali on vacation will be online if bandwidth not overloaded.
  11. Face to the Name

    A lot of mil folks USAF Vet myself. This of course a couple of years ago. Wow a huge picture! EDIT: Had to reduce size, much better!
  12. Had some money to waste, I like the game, but I hope it is not base too much on this type of economy. One it is very stereo typical and unrealistic I also got ArmA 3 Alpha new at this game so should help with the waiting for SC it has a mod editor. Hope to do business and if there is training involved I'll sign up for class. Will Imperium have there own server? Thanks for your response.
  13. http://massively.joystiq.com/2013/03/30/gdc-2013-chris-roberts-expounds-on-star-citizens-crafting-ec/ I am looking forward to start a business node for myself one day, to donate some funds to Imperium for training of members. This game looks very promising everyday. I may transfer to the business side when this ideal is implemented. I think I will purchase SimCity to get some practice in. I am very glad that we will not be locked in career, I think I want to try everything to see where I fit in. Come on SC!!!!
  14. (1 Ship or Multiple?) Which style are you???

    I had the opportunity to look at what is available and Catepillar is what ship type I am interested in, but then we still have a year to go and maybe more ships are on the way I think I will wait before I decide.
  15. Sneak Peak: The New Website!

    about 11 more days? maybe there will be a section where you can bring up the type of craft you have and be able to place items on it so you can havve some type of visional look at your ship. See how that new skin or cannon looks and may put in a green room for snapshots.