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  1. Hi guys so im a new player with a background in elite dangerous. I'm liking star citizen even if it really is a bit of a mess lol (certainly has some stuff I wish elite had). Anyway to make a long story short I'm really struggling with one aspect, the quantum drive. In Elite I have 2 hot keys for my frameshift drive one for targeted (most of the time to jump but not always) and another button for non target and I can just fly around planets or wherever I want to go with friendship drive engaged. My question, is there any plans to change how quantum drive works? At least make it so you don't have to be locked to a target to engage it? As of right now it's really killing it for me for the whole trying to fly around space thing. It has also made some annoying issues where somewhere I wanted to go wouldn't lock in and fly me around the planet (guessing it was bugged) so I had to lock on to something else and blah blah I'm sure you get the picture. It's annoying as hell!
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