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  1. No worries, I am no longer a member of Imperium but I still can see the discord channel No I'm not. I may be in another org but that doesn't mean I have vanished
  2. dr_zli AAR OP - JumpTown 15.1.2022 I participated as a ground security personnel during the event from 14-23:30 UTC Since this would be my first pvp battle in SC i chose my loadout this way: - all medium armor - P4 AR and 10 clips of ammo, 2x Holo attachment and silencer - medgun and 5 med pens My reasoning: as with every other FPS I played movement is always crucial so med armor won't prevent me from sprinting all the time and will present a smaller target than the bulkier heavy armor. I chose rifle because my reasoning was that our opponents would run with LMGs, GLs and sniper/railgun rifles judging from experience from all the youtube videos about pvp I could watch. We started with the airdrop which didn't end well since the ship exploded. I think that I might be responsible for that since I was in a fast mover as a driver while the landing was taking place. Very sorry about that, lesson learned is that you must not be in vehicles while the other ship is flying After we suffered a cargo hijack I volunteered to be a cargo security in a carrack. This is when our major fps pvp battle took place. While I was watching the entrance of the lab and our logi personnel loading the...hm... herbs, I noticed one random guy in armor hiding between crates. That was the guy who saw one of our packets below the lab and went on to grab it. I called the target and got the permission to engage and soon he was neutralized. This is when his friend appeared and tried to revive him, I continued shooting and managed to wound his friend but they ran away and got into fights with all of us and our air security detail which neutralized them on the ground. Since they started the usual "us poor victims and this evil org" tirade on the chat I expected them to return with friends which they did to my great pleasure. The second assault was done with a cutlass black with a green skin which started deploying people on the roof of the lab and around the perimeter. Soon two guys tried to enter the carrack but were swiftly dispatched by me. At that time cutlass relocated to the top of carrack and they found another entrance since 3 guys then appeared from the ship and behind my back. All three of them were quickly dealt with. Lessons learned: Armor is great, awesome mobility. I was constantly moving and I'm pleased to report that all the tactics from general FPS gameplay are good here. So move left and right when in an engagement and this will give you a greater chance of dodging all the incoming fire. During the engagement I suffered only one wound from the back which got me to 36% health. AR I chose is also great. Excellent precision and ability to shoot single/auto really helped a lot. I can also recommend 2xholo attachment since it gave me excellent vision both for med range and short range targets. What they did wrong: attack me one at a time. One on one I will get almost anyone. If they grouped up and primaried me I would be dead in seconds. So they lacked organization and coordination. Also, they all had LMGs. The time to get LMG to firing position and actually fire the first shot is a lot longer than time needed to aim and fire the AR. I would strongly recommend we take the AR as our primary weapon in pvp engagements. During the downtime we practiced bringing the comm array down. Lessons learned - entrances are near the place where solar panels attach to the superstructure, you don't get a CS for hacking it and there is a cooldown after hacking which lasts for at least 5 minutes where turrets don't shoot at the ships near the array. During the Yela OP I was in a lab providing security for our cargo and later I took the role of a machine operator bringing our production of khm...herbal essences to 101% All in all, it was a great pleasure to play with all of you and I'm looking forward to more stuff like this. Special thanks for our amazing C&C, my team members, other teams and Cyberian and Morse for scooping me up while I was chiling in space on my butt. o7
  3. Just a note - it would be prudent to organize FPS training for our teams several days before, thinking that we can organize training on site is not realistic, people need to have at least basic training before actual combat. I'm applying for a gendarme position s'il vous plait xD
  4. Hi all! My name is Alen, i'm 44yo guy from Serbia. I backed the original SC KS campaign but as I have only recently bought a computer that can support it, I am only now starting to play it. I like flight sims, strategy games, fps games, especially co-op. Glad to meet you all!
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