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  1. Combat would be my favorite for sure. I love multi-crew, combat focused gameplay the best. Working as a team to utilize a monster of a ship to its fullest potential in combat. I also like flying smaller ships in combat, but will admit I'm probably not to good at it unless it's PVE. FPS is also something I'm interested in, but don't have any experience in. Exploration is an interesting idea too, but I'll wait to see what ideas are actually implemented in the verse before I start diving to deep into that.
  2. Hello reader, I'll keep this short and sweet. My name is Nives (Pronounced Knives), I'm relatively new to Star Citizen having played for a few short months several years back and just getting back into it about a week ago. I have around a thousand hours in Elite Dangerous and a few years ago I was very active in a ArmA 3 milsim group. I hope that both of these facts make me a somewhat useful newbie to you guys even though I clearly have a lot to learn. I live in the USA (Wisconsin) in the CST timezone but I do work 3rd shift so my activity might be a bit random day-to-day. But feel free to reach out in discord if you need an eager player to join up on any adventures in the verse!
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