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  1. Org: 4th Echelon Expeditionary Fleet Specialization: Combat Commitment: Regular Role Play: Yes Main Language: English Regions: ANY Discord: https://discord.gg/nCCtJbS9u6 Org Page Link: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/4ECHELON/ About Us: Space is a masterful equalizer. It reaches unfathomable speeds and has boundless distances. It cannot be overtaken by the strongest might, the sharpest knife, or the fastest bullet. In 4th Echelon, stars and galaxies empower who we are. That incredible force is the lifeblood of the greatest fleet ever to voyage space, slip through it, or trek its planets. It shapes individuals from every corner of the Empire into Corpsmen with the gallantry to uphold liberty back home. Bonding us with the commitment to serve with valor. The outer reaches of space propels every one of our men and women to irrefutable victory. We are the Navy's 4th Echelon Expeditionary Fleet. And we are all Forged by Space. Enlist Today. Victory Tomorrow. While we are open to members of all ages, we strive to have a professional and mature environment for our troops to come and relax which is why we aim for members aged 17+ Our discord is open to all, regardless of membership status. Come and check out our events, keep tabs on the Star Citizen news, get game help, and chat with our members, and affiliates!
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